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William Davis, Sales Manager
Phone:+852 56190656
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About Us

Following are the main projects we based on:
Repair Ultrasound  (Ultrasound Board/ASSY Repair, Probe/Transducer Repair)
Repair Associated Items (Endoscopy Repair, Patient Monitor Repair, Ventilator Repair)
Parts & Accessories (Compatible/Original Ultrasound Transducer, Ultrasound Parts/Boards,Ultrasound Biopsy Needle Guide, Patient Monitor Module,CT part)

To support top quality repair service and most reasonable price, we have the below well-armed teams to deal with each and every service chain.
Professional & passionate pre-sale service team
10+ years experienced repair technician team
Reliable & responsible quality control team
Experienced & specialize after-sale technical support team


Everest Medical is one of the top ultrasound board&part repair service company in China.Besides good quality & affordable repair service,we have sizable stock of full series medical parts & Assy.

After merged to Guangzhou Rongtao Medical Technology Co.,Ltd in 2018,Everest Medical enhanced the capacity to provide repair/refurbishing service, including repair engineers team with 10 years experiences.

We concentrate on the below two projects:

First, offer fast ,high-quality & affordable maintenance & repair service for hospitals and parters.

Second, offer a good platform to buy and sell used/refurbished/new original/new compatible medical equipments and parts.

Now we mainly on provide repair/refurbishing service in the following brands of ultrasound,endoscope,patient monitor,ventilator:

1.Ultrasound systems,ultrasound transducer scanner/ultrasonic probe sensor, ultrasonic board& spare part: GE, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi Aloka, Biosound/Esaote, Philips,Medison, etc. We also provide compatible/clone ultrasound probes,biopsy needle guide, and repair service on ultrasound board/part.

2.Flexible Endoscopy and camera system: Olympus, Fujinon, Pentax, Wolf, Stryker, Storz, ACMI etc.

3.Patient monitor repair service and parts replacement: Philips, GE, Mindray, Welch Allyn. We provide LCD screen, power supply, PCB board of the patient monitor.

4.Ventilator air module and oxygen module repair.

Rich stocks are ready to go! 10,000+pcs original/compatible clone new ultrasound transducers, ultrasonic boards, ultrasonic biopsy needle guide,CT/LUNAR/RAD/MAMMO Parts,patient monitor boards and modules in stock.

Our aim is to offer cost-effective and good-quality medical equipments and spare parts, as well as High-Class Repair Service in ultrasound ,patient monitor endoscope,ventilator and other related medical fields.

To be the top preferred third-party service company worldwide is our long-term pursuit.

Thank you so much for your continuous support!

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All the medical devices & parts are in “As is “condition, which will be declared clearly in the purchase order.


100% prepaid before shipping,we accept bank transferring and western union.


Worldwide shipping.EMS/DHL/Fedex Express will be arranged in 1-5 working days unless otherwise specified.We Seller is responsible for export Customs clearance in our end,and buyers for import Customs clearance in their end.


Goods are permitted to return in the same appearance and operation condition within 7 days. Returned items are subject to 25% restocking fee.Shipping fee should be borne by purchasers. No returns after 3 days for goods that had been ordered wrong.

How to keep your ultrasound transducer well?

To make sure your ultrasound transducers/probes are in good keep, you should pay attention to the following matters:

  • Temperature (suitable)
  • Humidity (suitable)
  • Environment (cloth, paper, human body)
  • Coupler (mind quality, avoid corrosion)
  • Accidental damage (avoid damage from mouse and cockroaches)

Five Steps to repair & refurbish your ultrasonic board/part

1.Check before sending to us

  Make sure your defective/broken ultrasound board/part is complete and never repaired.


  Send it to our appointed address for receiving package from abroad after well-wrapped.

3.All-round inspection

  Our repair engineers will do all-round inspection once the ultrasound board/part reaches, then provide suitable repair solution.

4.Repair and Refurbishing

  For general/minor troubleshooting, 1-3 days to fix. For major/difficult repair, 4-7 days to fix.

5.Send the fixed board/part back

  After strict testing before delivery, the fixed board/part will be sent back in good working condition with 60 days warranty.

How to do complete clinical evaluation of your transducer?

1.Frequency conversion

 Whether the frequency can be&&&& transformed,it:s&&&& the important indicator.

2.Frequency range

 The Wider the range,the better.

3.Scanning angle

 The bigger the angle, the better. Especially for the intracavitary probes.

How to clean air filter of your diagnostic unit?

Ultrasound diagnostic unit maintaining is not a simple thing,today I'm going to share you some ideas of cleaning the inside air filter.

First, cut off the power, then dismantle the air filter. follows are several matters need your attention.

1.Before installing the air filter, make sure it is dry. Humid one may cause trouble of the whole diagnosis system.

2.Don't open the power supply at the same time.

3.Remove the dust with blower,or use a moist cloth.Dry it after finished.

Notes: Usually we should clean the air filter per one year,but in high-dusty room,the suggested interval time is every 90-180 days.

Notices for keeping Ultrasound Device


The voltage should be within ±10 volts,choose voltage-stabilized source,independent power only.

2.Prevent short circuit

Cleaning the device regularly,prevent short circuit.

3.Replace transducer

We should freeze or shut down the device before replacing transducer.

Repair Philips HD 15 Analog Interface Moudule

System: Philips HD15
Part name: Analog Interface Module (AIM)
Part number: 453561197306

Failure phenomenons:
Error occurred after started up, customer confirmed AIM board was broken down.

Repair and replace the AIM board

 Common faults of GE ultrasound machine




LOGIQ  500

No image when scanning far field

Check power supply, reinsert the circuit board. Suggest to do metal earthing.



Artifacts appear in color flow imaging (betweentimes)


Replace ACFP3 board


No image on displayer, whereas normal image in workstation

Fix displayer


Curved lines interpolated into sector-shaped image, from near field to far field

Replace DSC board, and make sure the system earthing


No sound for the probe, requires multiple startup

Detect low voltage and external power supply (MST)


Lithium battery- short life

Replace lithium battery, and upgrade the system to 2349040-23 KB824146



Reinstall the system


cardiac probe shows clutter filte, interference in far field

Repair cardiac probe S317, then test the voltage


Noisy in probe, no waves in scan area

Connecting board failure, try to connectwith TRDR and HBFR


Automatic interruption

High voltage failure, need repair


Screen wobble

Displayer failure, need stabilized voltage supply


No image after boot (betweentimes)

Detect five low voltage value


No image

Detect the channel board


No scan area, no ultrasound image

MSTE and high voltage power supply failure, need repair

SIEMENS S1000 system maintenance

Failure phenomenon:
Siemens S1000 color super machine, the boot into the ultrasonic working interface is normal, the heart probe is used normally, but the superficial probe and the abdominal probe can only be used normally in the 0B mode, can not be used in other modes, the machine has a card screen phenomenon at the same time.

Failure analysis:
The signal processing and control module of S1000 color supercomputer is mainly composed of probe interface module, input and output module and electronic system module. The electronic system module includes TR, CB, RC, BE, VI and RM board, TR, RC board and probe interface module ( The TI Module) performs the ultrasonic signal processing functions together, collectively referred to as the front end portion; the BE, VI, and RM boards are responsible for the subsequent processing of the ultrasonic signal data and the overall control functions of the machine, collectively referred to as the back end portion. The power supply consists of four sections, an AC AC power box, a PSA analgo power module, a PSD digital power module, and a QuickStart Battery.

Firstly, if the system software error occurs, the fault occurs. After the system is reinstalled, the fault still exists, and the system software fault may be eliminated. The problem of RC and BE is initially judged from the hardware function. As the real-time control board of the front end, the RC board is also responsible for the control function of ultrasonic transmission and reception. It is also responsible for analgo-to-digital conversion of the 192 channels of received data of the TR board, thereby converting the echo signals into digital signals, which is convenient for the back-end software. Further processing of the technology. A failure of the RC board will cause all other functions of the machine to be abnormal. The BE board receives the digitized echo signals from the front RC board and processes them according to the operator's requirements. The failure of the BE board often causes one of the functions of the color Doppler to be abnormal.

The PSA and TI can be considered by the hardware replacement exclusion method to eliminate the BE and RC failures. The TI board can support 3 probes at the same time and can be switched at will, but the probe hot swap is not supported. When the TI board fails, it will cause the 2D area to have no image, card screen or boot code "US_IMG_17" and other error codes. The PSA is responsible for the front end power supply and provides the probe working voltage. If the PSA fault will cause the probe to be caused by the abnormal voltage supply. The function is not working properly.

Repair results:
Replace the PSA power supply, all the functions of the machine are used normally, and the fault is eliminated.

GE VIVID I system maintainance

First, the failure phenomenon:
The machine starts normally, and after receiving the probe, it prompts an error and the probe is not recognized.

Second, the failure analysis:
The ultrasonic probe does not recognize the power supply that normally considers the probe interface board or supplies power to the probe interface board. The machine configuration diagram shows that there is no high-voltage switch on the interface board of the model, that is, it does not affect the high-voltage output of the DC power supply, so it can pass the detection. The DC output voltage directly determines whether there is a fault in the power supply. After the detection, the machine is found to have no high-voltage output, and it is determined that the DC power supply is faulty.

Third, testing and repair:
Replace the DC-DC power supply, the probe can be recognized normally after the machine is started, and each function resumes normal operation.

In genneral, we are really experted in ultrasound repair.

Aloka Alpha 10 system Maintenance

Fault conditions

The ALOKA &α10 machine abdomen probe has no echo, the superficial probe has only a weak echo, and the heart probe has a normal echo.

Failure analysis

Since the heart probe has a normal echo, it is necessary to first eliminate the fault caused by the probe itself, and replace the other abdominal probe for testing. The test result also has no echo, and the fault is determined by the hardware of the machine itself. There is a voltage output indicator on the IO board at the rear of the machine. It is found that the +70V indicator is not lit after the machine is started, and the +90V indicator is always on. +70V, +90V supply the working voltage of the probe to the machine, combined with the echo of the abdomen probe and the normal echo of the heart probe. The fault may be caused by insufficient voltage supply of the high voltage power supply.


After replacing the high voltage power supply EU-6031, the machine resumes normal use.


Repair Philips CX50 Blue Screen Fault

First, the failure phenomenon:
The machine has a blue screen when it is turned on and cannot be started normally.

Second, the failure analysis:
On-site consultation using the doctor learned that the machine did not make any changes to the machine hardware and software before the blue screen appeared, the blue screen code is 0x000000ED, the code generally points to the hard disk failure. After the machine is disassembled, the hard disk of the machine is detected. It is found that the hard disk has bad sectors, and the bad sectors of the hard disk often cause the hard disk to work normally and affect the startup of the machine. Since the direct repair of bad sectors of the hard disk will result in the loss of data of some sectors of the bad track, an attempt is made to check and repair the data of the hard disk to ensure that the color system software carried in the hard disk can operate normally.

Finally, testing and repair:
Repair the system hard disk and work normally after the machine restart.

Phililps CX30 System Maintenance

The phenomenon of failure:
The system is properly starting-up, but it will crash during use.

Failure analysis:
Crashing is mainly failure of main board, and the stuck interface prompts the discovery of a new keyboard. This may be a system driver failure resulting in incompatibility or a short circuit in the numeric keypad.
Reinstall the system, the fault remains the same, consider the numeric keypad failure, but the same problem occurs when disconnecting it from the control panel. This fault occurs only when users uses panel keys,then it is suspected that there is a short circuit in the control panel part. So it needs further testing.
The ultrasound machinevuses Windows XP system, then using a keyboard test software of the system can accurately detect whether the keyboard has any problems.
Even if the the numeric keypad and the control panel is disconnected, the failure is the same. So it can be determined that the fault is caused by the short circuit of the panel, which continuously triggers the system crash caused by the numeric keypad.

Testing and repair
Replace the control panel and the machine will return to normal.

Philips HD15 Anolog Interface Module

System: HD15
Part name:Analog Interface Module (AIM)
Part number:453561197306

Failure phenomenons:
Error occurred after started up, customer confirmed AIM board was broken down.

Repair and replace the AIM board

Aloka Alpha 7 RX Board Diagnosis

System: Aloka Alpha 7
Part number:EP539100BB, EP539501DG, EP539500DE

Failure phenomenons:
Few lightspots occurred on the image

Diagnose from EP539100BB, EP539501DG, EP539500DE

Toshiba SSA-660A RX (PM30-32733) board maintenance

Date: March 3, 2015
Brand: Toshiba SSA-660A Model: RX (PM30-32733)
Symptom: Toshiba SSA-660A color ultrasound boot image is missing
Service content: Providing Toshiba SSA-660A color ultrasound RX (PM30-32733) board to judge if there is something wrong with the board
Service period: 1 working day

Toshiba SSA-580A Keyboard(BSM31-3078) Maintenance

Brand: Toshiba SSA-580

Model: BSM31-3078

Symptom: Some buttons on the Toshiba SSA-580A numeric keypad are out of order

Service Content: Repair and Replace Toshiba SSA-580A New Digital Keyboard (BSM31-3078)

Service period: 5 working days

ALOKA SSD-3500 Fault Repair

1.The fault phenomenon

After closing the switch, ssd-3500 color ultrasound was started. After the "Aloka" sign appeared in the startup process, the blue bar kept moving and the panel light kept shining. The system could not enter the normal ultrasonic diagnosis interface.

2.Failure analysis

When this happens, the first thing to think about is the CPU and HDD issues that are directly related to system startup.Since the machine's data processing platform is based on Microsoft's Windows operating system, just like ordinary computers, the boot process is basically the same.
In addition to the normal CPU and hard disk data reading in the startup process of the ultrasonic device, each image processing board containing flash should be confirmed for data, so as to determine whether there is any data loss or need to update data, so as to brush flash again in the startup process.The indicator light of the hard disk is flashing constantly during the boot process, indicating that the data of the hard disk is read and written constantly and the hard disk is troubleshooting.
Next, unplug and unplug each group of wires. After re-plugging and unplugging, the fault will remain after starting up.If it is suspected to be a CPU fault, take out the CPU board and observe it to see whether there is obvious burning down or insufficient heat dissipation causing component damage. After observation, it is normal.
After the discovery of the motherboard has a button battery, removed from the measurement of only 1.6v.It is inconsistent with the actual mark of 3V, and the voltage value is obviously not enough to support the normal reading and writing of the hardware part of the chip, resulting in problems in the data communication between the CPU and the hard disk, affecting the normal loading and data update of the device.

3.Exclusion and summary

After replacing a standard 3V battery, the device starts normally and enters the ultrasonic diagnosis interface for troubleshooting.
For ssd-3500 color doppler ultrasound startup, the blue bar after the "Aloka" sign& appears in the startup process keeps circulating and the panel light circulates and shines. The system cannot enter the normal ultrasonic diagnosis interface, which basically determines that the components or hard disk on the main board have problems.

ALOKA α5 color doppler ultrasound fault repair case

ALOKA alpha 5 is equipped with advanced front-end technology, original data processing platform,high-capacity digital beam generator (12bit digital beam generator) and other technologies to ensure the high-quality image of all organs in the body.And as well as the varties probes in ALOKA, ALOKA alpha 5 can meet the needs of linical diagnosis and scientific research,At present, ALOKA alpha 5 is used in many hospitals in China. Now we will analyze one of the common faults encountered in the use of ALOKA &α5.

Faults phenomenon

When operating the CW(continuous doppler), the diagnostic instrument crashed with an error prompt, and the other functions were all normal.Error warning: the machine detects abnormal voltage, please restart the system.

Failure analysis

(1)The CW function of the diagnostic instrument can only be used in cardiac, and it has no such function in other conditions, so the CW board may be damaged.
(2) in case the appearance of the fault, the working voltage of CW measured by the attached power box drops significantly, which may be caused by the attached power box.
(3) this fault may also be caused by CW signal and loss of communication function.
(4) the heart probe (phased array probe) is composed of PW and CW, and the heart probe may be damaged.
(5) the software system is damaged, resulting in the loss of CW function.


It’s not working after replacing the attached power box and related circuit boards,the dead phenomenon didn&’t appeared when the heart probe was replaced . The problem was e circuits of the machine appeared,the restart of the machine are required.

GE Logiq P6 color ultrasonic fault

1. Faults phenomenon

After reading the tags, you will not be able to enter the operation interface.

2. Faultsanalysis and troubleshooting

The loss of files is usually a system fault, and the system can be restored after reinstallation. According to the customer's feedback, there are important patient information and parameters in the machine. In order to maximize the customer's interests, we try to repair the system.
Since the prompt file is missing, it is theoretically possible to recover the lost or damaged file by filling in the missing or damaged file. At the same time, because the user cannot enter the operation interface normally, the abnormal information should be found through the log file.The operation steps are as follows:

Step 1: according to the prompt path, it can be known that this file is the user's default file. After opening this file, it is known that only some basic information and Settings of the machine are recorded in it, and relevant parameters required for diagnosis are not affected.

Step 2: copy the same file in another system for replacement, connect the machine to start up and use normally, and help the customer to backup the data again.


Color super data should develop the habit of regular backup, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble when failure.

Maintenance of GE LOGIQ P6 Color Doppler

Fault phenomenon

All probes of GE LOGIQ P6 machine have interference in color Doppler mode.

Fault analysis

LOGIQ P6 machine plate structure is simple, plate function integration is high. The color Doppler processing function of the machine is on the SYSCOM motherboard. Generally, this kind of interference is caused by probe failure, external interference or SYSCOM motherboard and APS power supply.
Due to the interference of all probes in the machine, the possibility of failure of all probes is very small, so other probabilities should be considered first. Pushing the machine to another floor room for testing, there are still interference faults to eliminate the possibility of external interference. APS power supply failure may cause interference of machine access voltage. APS power supply failure may be eliminated after replacing the test. Finally, the SYSCOM motherboard was replaced, and the machine started to work normally. All the probes entered the working mode of color Doppler without any interference and troubleshooting.


GE LOGIQ P6 is easier to maintain than other ultrasonic machines because of its simple plate structure. Maintenance is mainly based on the specific performance of the machine fault and the working principle of the machine to analyze the fault location and take corresponding treatment measures, for the more difficult to analyze and judge the fault location should be carefully and step by step investigation, avoid random attempted maintenance

GE Logiq P9 maintenance 

Fault phenomenon
Dark lines appeared in the ultrasound images. There is a dark line on the ultrasound image of GE Logiq9 color Doppler Ultrasound. There is no echo signal in the dark line area. When the image is formed, the position of the probe is moved, while the position of the dark line is always fixed.

Fault analysis
After scanning the machine probe with the coupling agent, it is found that the edge of the dark line of the
image is obvious. According to the analysis of the principle of the formation of the ultrasound image and the structure of the color Doppler ultrasound, the cause of the failure may be the problem of the corresponding probe wafer or the corresponding channel. Switching different probes for testing, it is found that each probe has the same dark line, and each probe has the possibility of wafer damage at the same time. It can eliminate the damage of the probe, and the failure may occur on the corresponding channel board. There are 8 channel boards in the front end of GE Logiq9 color Doppler Ultrasound. The corresponding ultrasonic transmitting and receiving and A/D conversion are carried out. Eight channel boards correspond to different probe channels. Each board processes 24 channels. Mark the corresponding dark line position, shutdown and switch channel board position on the display image. When switching to the fourth channel board, the corresponding dark line position on the image moves. Then cross-check with another channel board and the fourth channel board to determine that the fault occurs on the fourth channel board.
The signal processing channel boards of modern high-end color Doppler Ultrasound usually have 2, 4 or even 8 boards. These channel boards are identical. When the image is dark, the positions between the channel boards can be changed. The replacement method is used to achieve the purpose of diagnosis and lock the fault parts accurately. The machine returned to normal after replacing the fourth passage board.

GE LOGIQ P5 Troubleshooting

Failure phenomenon
LOGIQ P5 has no response at start up.

Failure analysis
Switch ON the POWER, turn ON the main switch at the back of the machine, press the "POWER ON" button, the monitor and keyboard lights are off, the cooling fan is not turned, and the machine has no response.POWER ON cannot be activated when the UPS POWER supply and the main switch of the machine are restarted. The output voltage of UPS measured on fieldis 222V,which indicating that the POWER supply is normal.After turning on the main switch of the machine, the waiting light next to the transformer can be seen from the transformer cooling hole below the machine, showing that AC 220V has entered the machine.Press POWER ON at this time, still no response, suspected the machine internal POWER supply (APS) may be faulty.

Open the side cover of the machine, observe the APS panel indicator, only the LPS indicator flashes, and the other lights do not works.According to the working principle diagram of APS, LPS is the preparation indicator light of APS, which should be in the long and bright state.Flashing indicates that the machine is in a protected state.Test the voltage at each connection from the motherboard of the machine, and the voltage deviates from the normal value, so that the lock fault is caused by APS's failure to start vibration normally.Replace the APS, and the machine is in normal use.

GE LOGIQ P6 fault repair case 1

Failure phenomenon

All probes on the GE LOGIQ P6 machine interfere with the color Doppler mode of operation.

Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting

LOGIQ P6 machine plate structure is simple, plate function integration is high, the color Doppler processing function of this machine is on SYSCOM motherboard, generally this kind of interference considers the probe itself failure, external interference or SYSCOM motherboard and APS power supply.
Since all probes of the machine have interference, all probes are unlikely to fail, so consider other faults first. Pushing the machine to another floor room for testing still has interference problems and eliminates external interference. APS power failure may cause interference to the machine's access voltage. It may be possible to eliminate the APS power failure after the replacement test. Finally, the SYSCOM motherboard was replaced, the machine started to work normally, and all the probes entered the color Doppler working mode without any interference, and the fault was eliminated.

Hitachi EUB-5500 Maintenance

Failure phenomenon

The machine can't start normally. After booting, the progress bar goes to 1/3 and is executed. After shutting down, the same fault still occurs when the machine restarts.

Fault analysis

Hitachi EUB-5500 starts normally after opening the circuit breaker switch and pressing the boot button, the background indicator light of the control panel lights up, the display displays the reading progress bar, after the reading process of the progress bar is completed, the information that the system is starting will be displayed, and then the "Now setting system data. Please wait" start-up surface will appear, and then the ultrasonic system will enter the freezing state of two-dimensional mode after starting.
When the machine goes to 1/3 of the time bar after booting, it can be inferred that the failure of the machine system or PC part results in the phenomenon of machine crash. Firstly, the machine is rebuilt and then tested. After starting the machine, it shows that the reading progress bar is still 1/3 of the machine dead, eliminating the possibility of machine system failure. Hitachi EUB-5500 machine PC part motherboard, MAP board and PB2 board failures may lead to machine startup crash. After re-plugging the MAP board and PB2 board, start-up test, the same crash failure still occurs, eliminating the possibility of bad plate contact failure.


After repalcing the main board one by one, the MAP board, PB2 board and the main board are tested. After replacing the main board, the machine starts up nomally and enters the two-dimensional working interface of ultrasound. The machine restarts several times and runs normally, and the machine troubleshoots are eliminated.

Maintenance Cases of Medison

The fault phenomenon
The color Doppler machine of SONOACE X6 operates normally, but there is no display in the image area after entering the working interface of the ultrasound.

Failure analysis
Remove the SONOACE X6 probe interface board and observe that the internal structure of the machine consists of only three plates, namely FE plate, BE plate and POWER plate. Since the probe has normal working sound after the normal start-up of the machine, and the two probes of the machine have no image display, first of all, the probes interface board and the probes themselves can be eliminated, the machine color mode and PW mode can be turned on, and the image area of the machine can display the working mode normally, eliminating the possibilities of the failure of the back part of the ultrasound, that is, the BE plate. At this time, the faults may concentrate on FE and POWER boards. The function of the front-end part of the machine is focused on FE boards, while POWER boards are responsible for the normal output of each voltage. The same faults still occur when replacing the POWER board testing machine. Finally, the FE board problem is determined.

Testing and repairing:
Replacement of FE board.

Philips CX30 system maintenance 
The phenomenon of failure:
 The system is properly starting-up, but it will crash during use.

Failure analysis:
Crashing is mainly failure of main board, and the stuck interface prompts the discovery of a new keyboard. This may be a system driver failure resulting in incompatibility or a short circuit in the numeric keypad.
Reinstall the system, the fault remains the same, consider the numeric keypad failure, but the same problem occurs when disconnecting it from the control panel. This fault occurs only when users uses panel keys, then it is suspected that there is a short circuit in the control panel part. So it needs further testing.
The ultrasound machine uses Windows XP system, then using a keyboard test software of the system can accurately detect whether the keyboard has any problems.
Even if the the numeric keypad and the control panel is disconnected, the failure is the same. So it can be determined that the fault is caused by the short circuit of the panel, which continuously triggers the system crash caused by the numeric keypad.
Third, testing and repair
Replace the control panel and the machine will return to normal.

PHILIPS HDI5000 color ultrasonic

The phenomenon of failure:
HDI5000 machine occasionally sends 0002 error when starting up, and there is no echo in the ultrasonic image area when the fault occurs.

Failure analysis:
Detailed information of machine error reporting shows FEC error. According to the list of HDI5000 machine error diagnosis, 0002 represents the front-end plate fault, which may be the fault of PSM power board, AIM board, FEC board or CB board.The reason why the machine has no image display is generally that there is a fault in the high-voltage output of the machine, which is generally caused by the PSM power board or AIM board. After replacing the PSM power board and AIM board, the machine still occasionally reports an error of 0002, and the possibility of failure of the PSM power board and AIM board is excluded.Considering the occasional failure of the machine, the CB board may also be out of order. Since there are 8 CB boards in total, they need to be eliminated one by one. Judging from the logic, if the CB board is still out of order after starting up, the CB board may be out of order.

Testing and repair:
After replacing CB board (A9F), the machine starts up and returns to normal use.

Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument common fault troubleshooting(1)

Philips IE33 is the world's most advanced ultrasonic diagnostic device for cardiac ultrasound, which can dynamically display the intracardiac structure, heart beat and blood flow. It has a new field of vision to probe the cardiac structure, real-time multi-dimensional imaging and parameter quantification, making diagnosis faster and more accurate.Superior angiography performance, greatly increased color blood flow sensitivity, for the observation of the heart, large vessels, peripheral vessels and viscera vessels pathophysiological changes, known as "non-traumatic angiography".

In this paper, the fault of Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument was summarized, and the causes of the fault and the maintenance process were analyzed for reference.

Fault phenomenon
Medium intermittent crash is used with error 200. After error is reported, on/standby cannot be used. After power is directly turned off and restarted, it can be used normally.

Rebrush the SIP and DSC software and the problem reappears after a few days of normal use.See system error code, prompt DSC problem: prompt message is data refresh timeout.According to this error message, it is suspected to be a fault of DSC, but it needs to be confirmed that this error message is the root cause of the system problem.Check the initial error message and the prompt is not DSC: the problem with this error message is Dolphin's communication. Continue to check the log: the prompt points to Node ID4, the Dolphin board of HOST.Replace the dolphin card and IPL line of HOST, and reinstall the software for troubleshooting.

Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument common fault troubleshooting(2)


Fault phenomenon
System error"602"

Most of the 602 errors are due to memory: loose connections between memory and slots, or poor contact due to oxidation or dirt on the surface of memory gold fingers.First eliminate 602 errors due to incorrect BIOS memory hole setup (use FII Instruction to verify the hard-ware /Software memory hole setup for the current Software version).After cleaning and refixing the memory, the equipment started normally, troubleshooting.

Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument common fault troubleshooting(3)

Fault phenomenon

The device failed to start, stopped at the "initializing hardware" screen, or error 606 was reported during startup.


The motherboard battery is dead and the BIOS Settings will automatically jump to the Default Settings, which will cause an exception to the HOST or SIP boot.Mainboard battery life is about 5 years, use a multimeter to measure the battery voltage, less than +2.85Vdc, replace the mainboard battery (HOST/SIP mainboard battery model is CR2032, UMB/EMB mainboard battery model is CR2450), and change the BIOS to Philips Settings, troubleshooting.

Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument common fault troubleshooting(4)

Fault phenomenon

In the Review screen, a Red Cross will appear on the right side of the patient information. And a corresponding Red Cross will appear on the lower right side of the open image.


Is caused by data file corruption, the red check will not be output, but there is no red image in the patient's check can be output alone.Call the background Reset Patient data-base program to resolve the fault.

Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument common fault troubleshooting (5)

Fault phenomenon
Images imported from external media into i-33 cannot be re-exported in any format.

The problem is that the system does not allow Imported checks to be exported.Open the import check then Double-click the first image to go to full screen mode. Press the Acquire key on I plus 33, which will Append the check. After that, open each imported image to the full screen, press the Acquire key on positive 33, so that the image can be copied to the new Append check below.Close the Re - view;Open the Review interface, select appended study, and then select Send to Media to export.Open check can also be output in Jpeg/AVI format, problem solved.

Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument common fault troubleshooting (6)

Fault phenomenon
The probe is not fully connected to the device, resulting in loss of crystal oscillator signal or other image quality problems.

The inner hexagon screw used for internal fixation of probe interface has slipped and the probe cannot be fully connected with the probe interface module on the machine.Use inch 3/32 socket head tool with set screws.

Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument common fault troubleshooting(7)

Fault phenomenon
During the use of the machine, the image is out of sync (image delay, once every two or three days at the beginning), and there is an eha206 error occasionally. After that, the phenomenon of image delay appears every day. It will be fine after shutdown and restart, but it will appear again after a long time.

Check the fault log, and all the errors point to sip. Focus on troubleshooting sip. First, plug and unplug the PCI wiring of dolphin on SIP, and then plug and unplug the board card on SIP. The fault is still the same. Then swap SIP with host's dolphin, and the fault is still there. After several operations, it was found that the sound of a CPU fan of SIP was sometimes abnormal. After careful observation, it is found that the fan speed is not normal sometimes. Check the log again and select temperature. It is found that the temperature of SIP / CPU is too high to 82 ℃ (normally, it should be around 45 ℃), which results in the decline of SIP processing function and image delay. Replace CPU fan and sip, fan temperature returns to normal, troubleshooting.

GE vivid E9 ultrasonic trouble shooting(1)

Fault phenomenon
After power on, the main display indicates that the system cannot be entered, and then there is an error message in the progress bar, indicating that the system needs to be shut down, and then the black screen automatically crashes.

Fault analysis
The vivid E9& host hardware mainly consists of the following four parts:
a. Main power supply: provide power supply for the whole machine;
b. Back end processing system: system control and ultrasonic image processing;
c. Front end processing system: ultrasonic generation and reception;
d. Console: (keyboard, touch screen and display).
According to the fault performance, it is caused by the communication failure of front and rear terminals, and there are several possibilities as follows:
(1) The main board of the host back-end processing system fails;
(2) Output circuit fault of main power supply;
(3) Communication control board failure of front-end processing system;
(4) The front and rear connecting lines are faulty.

First of all, start from the simple point: connect the front and rear ends, pull and plug in the fastening connecting lines, and restart can be successful. At the initial stage, I thought that the fault had been solved. As a result, the machine broke down again after several days of use, and the fault was even more serious. After the machine was turned on, the main display had no image display. Check the back-end main board, and the CPU fan stopped running after several times. Make sure that the main board did not get up, check the back-end power indicator, and the input voltage indicator was normal. Based on the previous faults, it is judged that the main board at the back end of the host is faulty.
Replace the main board of the back-end processing system, and solve the problem.
GE vivid E9 ultrasonic trouble shooting(2)

Fault phenomenon
The 17-inch LCD monitor is discolored and streaked, but the image displayed on the workstation is normal.

Fault analysis
According to the failure phenomenon, it is judged that the graphics card output of the machine is normal, which is a problem of the display itself. First, save a few pictures, then check the monitor's POWER / USB CABLE and HDMI CABLE, and connect the HDMI CABLE to the external display to find that the displayed image is normal, indicating that the HDMI CABLE is intact and the output signal is normal.
Then, open the back cover of the monitor and reconnect the internal wiring one by one according to the Main 17-inch LCD Monitor Block Diagram.

When touching the flat cable connected to VIDEOCNTL, the image displayed on the monitor is normal. In order to confirm that it was not the occasional accidental recovery of the display, the flat cable was slightly shaken, and the display was discolored and water streaked again, and the fault point was finally determined. The flat cable was originally designed to be directly connected, and now it is fastened with hot melt adhesive after improvement. After the flat cable is fastened, the display image is normal, and the image previously saved on the clipboard is also normal!

Use hot-melt adhesive to fasten the flat cable connected to the VIDEO CNTL inside the display, and the fault is resolved.

GE vivid E9 ultrasonic trouble shooting(3)

Fault phenomenon
When using 4C probe to scan the abdomen, ve9 occasionally presents a boundary line with different brightness from top to bottom on the left and right sides.

Fault analysis
According to the fault description, this kind of situation belongs to the occasional fault and occurs at the specific inspection position. When the fault phenomenon of the replacement scanning part disappears, the hardware fault can be eliminated. The analysis should be software or application condition setting.
1. Reinstall the software, import the application conditions, and the doctor feedback that the fault is still in use.
2. Suspect the application conditions. Import the application conditions of another ve9, no fault occurs, it is confirmed that the problem is the condition setting.
3. By comparing the application conditions of the two machines, it is found that the doctor has opened four focuses when using the machine.
4. Set the number of focus to one, and the failure phenomenon will not occur again after trial, and the failure will be solved.
GE vivid E9 ultrasonic trouble shooting(4)

Fault phenomenon
There are no obvious interference or problem images when examining the patient, but occasionally the image will feel like snowflakes drifting, and there will be small areas of snowflake interference when using the keyboard.

Fault analysis&Troubleshooting
First check the keyboard USB input voltage, measure the voltage is normal, there is no obvious voltage change, and the shell is not charged. Test DCDC output voltage is normal. When I checked again, I found that the keyboard popped up not smoothly and smoothly. Raised the console, and found a problem: the ground wire under the keyboard got stuck in the slideway, and it was found that the exposed metal wire of the ground wire touched a metal object, there would be interference. This ground is a protective ground. Grounding is to protect the earth leakage of electrical components when the skin is damaged. It has a certain protective effect.
When the cable was reconnected to the grounding slot, the failure did not occur again.

GE Voluson E8 no display at boot

Fault phenomenon
There is no display after booting, and an error will appear on the touch screen after a period of time.

Fault analysis
The RTV pointed to by the error belongs to the video management board. The failure of this board may indeed cause the machine to boot without display, but the failure remains after the replacement. First eliminate the possibility of the board failure.

The display function of the machine is mainly managed by the graphics card and the RTV board. Observing the output of the PC chassis line shows that after the machine is started, the image signal should be transmitted to the RTV through the graphics card, and then transmitted to the display and touch screen display.

After troubleshooting the RTV board, the graphics card is most likely to fail, and the machine will be accompanied by an alarm sound when the machine is turned on. Generally, this situation occurs only when a hardware failure is detected during the startup of the PC chassis.

After unplugging the video card, connect the DVI image transmission line of the machine directly to the DVI output port of the motherboard. After the machine starts, there is no alarm sound and the display has image display output, so it can be determined that the graphics card is faulty.

Replace the video card and the machine resumes normal operation.

Philips IU22 ultrasonic alarm is lifted

Fault phenomenon
The alarm dialog box appears about 10 minutes after the Philips IU22 ultrasound device is started: 
"System temperature alert.The system has reached a crifical temperature limit, and will power down automatically in 30 minutes.Please check the system air filters before contacting TechnicalSupport.Press OK to power down the system immediately. DiagCode:001"
The operating doctor usually clicks the "continue" button to continue to use, but the system will automatically shut down after 30 minutes, and the alarm prompt will continue to appear after restarting.

Fault analysis and Troubleshooting
The alarm is that the internal temperature sensor of the device detects that the temperature is too high, and the information of the operator of the device is fed back through the computer, and the device protects itself. The possible causes of such failures are clogged air filters, aging or damaged cooling fans, and temperature sensor failures, among which the probability of failure of the temperature sensor is the smallest.
First adopt the conventional processing method, take out the filter on the lower left of the machine, and find that the filter has a serious accumulation of dust. After booting and using, it is found that the system still displays an alarm prompt, and the system will automatically shut down when the time is up.
Walking to the back of the machine, the temperature is obviously increased, and the back cover of the machine feels hot. After turning off the machine, open the back cover of the machine, observe the internal panel, and find that there is very little dust accumulation. After turning on the machine again, check the cooling fan at the rear of the device. All five fans are rotating. Enter the temperature and voltage utility interface, and see that the return values of other temperature sensors are all 30 ~ 55 degree, but the temperature of the right graphics card is 94 degree. The reason for the failure is that the graphics card fan is aging, the necessary speed is not reached, and the insufficient heat dissipation capacity leads to high temperature Alarm, the device runs normally after replacing the fan.

The maintenance of ultrasonic equipment must first learn to analyze the error report information, analyze and locate the fault according to the specific description of the information and the error code, and then troubleshoot the fault according to the order from easy to difficult, from outside to inside. The inspection room of the ultrasonic equipment is required to maintain a certain temperature, humidity and cleanliness, and the filter screen should be cleaned regularly. It should be noted that the cleaning period of the filter screen should be appropriately shortened in the dry season.

Philips IU22 ultrasound cannot be turned on

Fault phenomenon
The screen of the Philips IU22 ultrasound device stays on the scroll bar interface when it is turned on. After 30 s, a dialog box error code 518 appears. You can choose to enter the settings or directly shut down the dialog box below, but you cannot enter the system operation interface. Restarting the device cannot be solved.
Fault analysis and Troubleshooting
Enter the setting interface, use U disk to export the system error log, analyze it by manufacturer engineer with Philips special software, and determine that there is a problem with the system file. It is recommended to reinstall the system.
Previously, the hard drives removed from scrapped computers and equipment were used for hard drive backups of Philips IU22 and IE33 and other common devices. The IU22 has 3 hard drives, labeled HDD0, HDD1 and HDD2, where HDD0 is the system drive. HDD1 and HDD2 realize image storage.

Replace the system hard disk first, and report 602 error after booting. It is analyzed that the codes of the software and sub-hard disks do not match. After the backup of HDD1 and HDD2 is replaced, the device boots normally, enters the system operation interface, and tests all functions are normal.
When conditions permit, it is important to do a good job of backing up equipment systems and data. At the same time, the hard disk of the scrapped equipment can be used to back up the system and data of commonly used ultrasound equipment, which can effectively use resources. The hard disk capacity of early ultrasound equipment is mostly 500G, and hard disks above 4T may not be recognized. Backup should be performed with 1T or 500G hard disk.
Philips IU22 ultrasound device has no display

Fault phenomenon
After pressing the power button, the screen of the Philips IU22 ultrasound device does not display an image.
Fault analysis and Troubleshooting
The device's non-display failure is roughly divided into two categories: the display or the display cable is faulty; the computer host fails to start normally. After the device is turned on, you can feel the vibration of the host when it is running. Press the shutdown button to shut down normally and judge the host computer to be normal. The fault may be a fault in the monitor or the monitor power cord.
Remove the device monitor, connect a computer monitor with DVI interface, the image display is normal, and finally determine the monitor failure. Disassemble the monitor, detect that the high-voltage board of the monitor is burnt out, and the front-level power supply of the driver board burns through, and the equipment is used normally after maintenance.
The failure of the display can be easily detected by the replacement method. It should be noted that the resolution of the current computer display is relatively high, the hardware of the ultrasound device does not support it, and a compatibility error will be reported after booting. When replacing, you can connect the original monitor to boot, unplug the video cable and connect to the new monitor.
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