RADLINK cr pro do1m CR Vente

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RADLINK cr pro do1m CR

Time Left:  Auction Closed
Location:  CO, USA
Bid Closes: Oct 27 - 2:00pm EST
Manufacturer: RADLINK
Model: cr pro do1m
Seller: Veterinary

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veterinary software radlink cr pro flat panel no bend reading of cr plates
included with no defect see pictures usa California company
includes 8 by 10 and 14 by 17 cassettes and dental phosphor
plates many sizes with plastic case to protect scratching of phosphor
plate dental, No problem of dental plates jamming. has monitor
and computer unit on wheels weighs 100#..includes network
software for remote monitor viewing with another computer. Good
sound intoductury veterinary unit that doesn't need high power
xray unit because this unit uses fiberoptic not mirrors that preserve
signal and allow wide margin of of kvp mas error, thus not needing a technique
chart thus avoiding reshoots because of technique error. Radlink quality
allow use by human board certified radiologist to read xrays with
no distortion that is created by bending the cassette like Idexx
Phosphor plates last longer since they are not bent and no
sign of ollers on image. You are buying unit for the cost of cr
cassettes only.