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MEDIN Noninvasive respiratory support medinCNO CPAP

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Manufacturer: MEDIN
Model: Noninvasive respiratory support medinCNO
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Non-invasive respiratory support for preterm and newborn babies


Regulation of constant positive pressure when breathing in different ranges.
Regulation of oxygen concentration in the gas mixture without using additional devices and consumables.
Regulation of the temperature of the respiratory mixture.
Adjustment of the gas mixture flow.
Monitoring of all ventilation parameters.
Full alarm set.
The built-in battery provides autonomous operation.
Data recording, USB-port.
Operation of the CPAP MedinCNO:

CPAP - generates a constant CPAP pressure in the CPAP Medijet generator with constant flow.
Apnea CPAP - If the Medijet generator does not detect respiratory activity during the set interval of time (apnea), the CPAP therapy unit CNO automatically generates and inhales to stimulate the patient's respiratory activity.
SVSP (Synchronized Ventilation Ventilation) - The CPAP device can automatically stimulate a patient with automatic breaths of a higher flow, both during apnea and when it breathes normally, is synchronized with the patient's breaths.
Oscillation - The oscillation mode allows creating pressure in CPAR Medijet generator of different frequency, instead of constant pressure CPAP.
The kit includes:

Control unit MedinCNO - 1 pc.
Tripod with fastening system - 1 pc.
Medijet active universal nCPAP generator for newborn single use with a port for connecting a nebulizer - 10 pcs.
Humidifier with reusable chamber - 1 pc.
One-time breathing circuit - 10 pcs.
High pressure hoses for O2 and air - 1 set.
Starter kit of caps, masks and nasal cannulae.