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SKIN FOR LIFE Nue Fushion 600 Microcurrent Machine

Time Left:  Auction Closed
Location:  TX, USA
Bid Closes: Jul 04 - 4:00pm EDT
Manufacturer: SKIN FOR LIFE
Model: Nue Fushion 600 Microcurrent Machine
Seller: Cosmetic Facility / Spa

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Nue Fusion 600 Microcurrent firms, strengthens, tightens and sculpts the body into shape. Nue Fusion 600 provides options for licensed skin care professionals to perform dual treatments for face and body.

There are four body skin treatment protocols that are designed to improve the look of the skin such as: Body muscle lift, Body reshaping with fat reduction, Body fat reduction and Body fat reduction with toning. Clients/patients that want that little extra help of motivation or to supplement their exercise routine like the fact they can build core strength and visually see the difference in their dress or pant size. As you consult with clients/patients, help them understand the realistic benefits of microcurrent treatments and how they may enhance their body goals.

As we age our facial features start to disconnect and slowly elongate from skin to muscle and muscle to bone. Microcurrent is literally “Skin Fitness”. It helps to reconnect and strengthen the skin to muscle responses.

There are two different techniques that are important when lifting, tightening and firming the skin. We manufacture Microcurrent Ball Wands and Straight Wands. Ball wands help to excite afferent (impulses carried from the electrical response to the brain) and efferent (impulses that are carried away from the brain to the stimulus origin). This communication triggers the stimulation and/or contraction of actin and myosin that reside within muscle filaments and stimulates the sensory contraction of the skin.

When performing microcurrent on the face there are individual settings that must be followed in order to obtain a lifted and firmer skin appearance.

Straight Wands are the smoothing or “ironing” tools. These hand crafted wands are designed to relax wrinkles and fine lines. The stimulus response when using microcurrent straight wands improve lymph circulation. Licensed skin care professionals may move wands simultaneously together or move the black straight wand towards the red straight wand. These movements are generally from insertion to origin.

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