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AirPal-Patient Transfer Systems, Inc. RAMPE d'expédition

par Joan Trombetti, Writer | April 08, 2009
AirPal-Patient Transfer Systems, Inc. is shipping the RAMP -- groundbreaking in that using the RAMP -- for the first time caregivers will be able to automatically position patients into proper position for airway management.

The RAMP builds upon AirPal's focused efforts to develop air-assisted medical devices for safe patient handling, transfer, and positioning. AirPal is most noted for their line of lateral patient transfer devices that use a cushion of air (similar to the concept of a hovercraft) to safely allow lateral transfers of physically dependent patients without risk of injury to the caregiver.

Using a system of inflatable chambers, the RAMP creates an incline surface that raises a patient's chest. A separate air chamber positions the patient's head to achieve the optimal "ear to sternal notch position" for airway management.

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While foreseen to enhance all forms of direct laryngoscopy it is the efficiency of the device that will likely have the most impact on protocols observed in the Operating Room. Available with an integrated AirPal Platform (lateral patient transfer device); clinical trials showed the RAMP "All-in-One" was capable of transferring a patient from their stretcher, onto the OR Table, then have the patient positioned on the OR Table and "ramped" to proper position in under one minute. Once the airway has been established, the patient can be immediately and automatically repositioned for surgery. Traditional methods of ramping a patient are ad hoc, unreliable and extremely time inefficient using the manual placement of linens behind a patient's back.

The AirPal RAMP is manufactured using state-of-the-art thermoplastic fabric composites which are strong, durable, antimicrobial, antistatic, flame resistant, stain, odor, and fluid resistant. Additionally these fabrics have special properties to reduce skin shear and aide in the pressure management of skin; thus patients can remain on the AirPal RAMP for longer periods of time. It is also possible to transfer patients off the OR Table while ramped and continue to maintain them in position while in post-op recovery. This is significant since maintaining a patient in a ramped position increases airway patency, improves gas exchange with BVM (bag valve mask) ventilation, reduces the work of breathing, and most important extends the safe apnea period by maintaining blood/oxygen levels.

About AirPal-Patient Transfer Systems, Inc.

AirPal-Patient Transfer Systems, Inc. is a privately held Pennsylvania Corporation with offices in Center Valley, PA. Established in 1984, AirPal was the first company to bring to market an air-assisted lateral patient transfer device. They have remained a leading innovator in the market they created and hold multiple patents.

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