California Protons treats 3,000th patient with proton therapy

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California Protons treats 3,000th patient with proton therapy

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | April 07, 2021 Rad Oncology Proton Therapy

About Our 3,000th Patient

One of Dr. Rossi's patients, Ken Kotoski, is a prostate cancer patient at California Protons and is the 3,000th patient treated at the Center. Ken, age 58 from Bozeman, Montana, was diagnosed with prostate cancer after visiting the doctor for a suspected urinary tract infection. Upon further testing, his physician found he had an elevated PSA level and referred him to a urologist. After seeing the urologist, tests showed his PSA had risen higher and a biopsy confirmed Ken had prostate cancer.

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Ken's father and two brothers had previously been treated for prostate cancer, but when his father-in-law gave him a book about proton therapy, he began researching it further. After a video consultation with Dr. Rossi, Ken chose proton therapy as his treatment of choice. In January, Ken and his wife Kristi drove from Bozeman to San Diego to begin treatment. Ken received 28 proton therapy treatments and noted only mild skin irritation which allowed he and his wife to continue their evening walks.

About California Protons Cancer Therapy Center
California Protons Cancer Therapy Center is one of only two proton therapy centers in California and 37 nationwide. The Center leverages revolutionary intensity-modulated pencil-beam scanning technology to release a high dose of cancer-killing radiation that conforms precisely to the unique shape and size of the tumor. This approach effectively targets and treats even the most complex and aggressive cancers, sparing surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

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