Henry Ford teams with Agamon to deliver better radiology care

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Henry Ford teams with Agamon to deliver better radiology care

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | April 06, 2021 CT MRI X-Ray
DETROIT - Studies show that more than 50 percent of patients don’t follow up on care needed following a CT, MRI, X-Ray or other radiology study. To address that concern, Henry Ford Health System has supported the development and integration of the Agamon Coordinate Platform, an artificial intelligence software that improves the way hospital computers read text from clinical and radiology reports.

Agamon’s advanced AI platform is built on neurolinguistic programming that translates, or declutters, doctors’ clinical reports into data and information that is easy for patients to understand and act on. Agamon’s platform flags the need for follow-up care to ensure important next steps in the care plan are taken.

“We are impressed by Agamon’s capability to accurately and automatically discover key patient recommendations from our radiology reports,” says Dr. Daniel Siegal, M.D., Vice Chair of Radiology at Henry Ford Health System. “Agamon Coordinate’s user-friendly dashboard is making a big difference by efficiently making certain the physicians and patients get the information they need to make the best decisions about their care.”

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Already, the integration of the Agamon Coordinate Platform at Henry Ford is leading to changes in patients receiving follow-up radiology reports, enhancing their care and improving outcomes by helping ensure that imaging follow-ups are not missed and that patient needs don’t fall through the cracks.

Henry Ford Innovations has supported Israeli-based Agamon since its start-up days – one of many emerging businesses and technologies identified for the potential to boost patient care and also hospitals' business practices by zeroing in on shortcomings and missed potential and opportunities.

The mission of Henry Ford Innovations is to engineer the future of healthcare by providing physicians and staff with world-class resources to act on and implement great ideas.

“More compliance with getting needed, timely care means better patient outcomes, reduced disease severity, fewer complications and a better patient experience,” said Dr. Siegal, adding that Agamon Coordinate routinely provides highly accurate details about a patient’s condition in a way that helps assure that they will follow up by getting recommended care.

Agamon Coordinate is improving care for patients at other hospitals and health systems as its team of physicians, technologists, entrepreneurs and other individuals build technology that improves the current process of medical reporting, closes the loop on missed patient follow-ups and turns medical data into knowledge that can also minimize liability risks. Agamon believes the Coordinate Platform offers measurable gains to patients, doctors, hospitals and the healthcare industry as a whole.

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