Quantib receives its sixth FDA clearance for their AI prostate solution

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Quantib receives its sixth FDA clearance for their AI prostate solution

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 21, 2020 Artificial Intelligence MRI
Rotterdam, The Netherlands – October 21, 2020 – Quantib, the market leader in artificial intelligence solutions for precision diagnosis, today announced that it received FDA clearance for its prostate solution. The solution, underpinned by AI, dramatically improves the MRI prostate reporting workflow accessible directly from the reading station.

New healthcare guidelines introduced in 2020 across the globe make an MRI scan of the prostate a standard procedure for every patient suspected of prostate cancer. Triple digit growth in MRI prostate scans is the result, but there are not enough expert radiologists to report all these extra scans.

Prostate cancer represents one in four of all male cancer cases yet, until now, radiologists did not have a comprehensive AI solution to assist with high accuracy and efficient reporting. Quantib’s AI prostate solution comes with a suite of tools to improve reporting quality and speed: including AI-based volumetry and PSA density, registration and movement correction, fast segmentation of lesion candidates, classification and standardized reporting to facilitate easy and comprehensive communication of results.

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Following FDA clearance, Quantib is now deploying its solution at the first US facilities and in Europe the waiting list is rapidly growing pending MDR CE marking that is expected later this year.

“Workflows currently available for reporting MRI prostate are filled with inefficiencies, annoyances and frankly are prone to errors” said Arthur Post Uiterweer, CEO of Quantib. “Quantib Prostate automates much of the process, energy draining tasks are now taken over by AI, helping the radiologists to focus on the key clinical questions.”

“As Europe’s largest treatment center for prostate cancer, we see big challenges in the diagnostic pathway that AI should be addressing.” said dr. Detlef Loppow, CEO of Martini Klinik, Hamburg, Germany. “On a weekly basis we are working with Quantib’s brilliant engineers to create a truly groundbreaking pipeline of innovations. I’m thrilled to see the first release entering the market now for clinical use!”

About Quantib
Quantib’s AI radiology solutions enable faster and more accurate diagnosis by quickly identifying abnormalities, supporting adequate and timely patient care. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques, Quantib’s software advances the diagnostic pathway by providing FDA cleared solutions related to neurodegeneration, prostate cancer, breast cancer and many more. All deployed through our FDA cleared Quantib AI Node platform enabling seamless workflow integration and rapid regulatory clearance.

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