Australian customers select C-RAD’s cutting edge SIGRT solution

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Australian customers select C-RAD’s cutting edge SIGRT solution

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 30, 2020 CT Health IT Patient Monitors X-Ray
C-RAD announced today that multiple sites in the state of New South Wales, Australia decided to implement C-RAD’s Catalyst+ HD™ and Sentinel 4DCT™ solution.

In total four sites in the state of New South Wales of are going to be equipped with the C-RAD solution over the next months.

The Catalyst+ HD™ system is delivered with the complete software suite with modules for Respiratory Gating, Patient Setup and Positioning and Motion Monitoring. The C-RAD SIGRT solution provides a continuous monitoring of the patient during a treatment fraction. Patient motion above a clinically defined threshold will interrupt the treatment beam.

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C-RAD Sentinel 4DCT is an easy-to-use, laser-based optical surface scanning system with functionality for four-dimensional CT image reconstruction and gated imaging in a CT room.

Jason Beirne, Managing Director of Gamma Gurus, comments:

“Surface guided motion management in radiation therapy is rapidly becoming standard of care and we are very excited to be part of this large-scale roll-out in the New South Wales health system. Soon more patients across the state will benefit from highly accurate motion and respiratory tracking that will enhance their overall level of care. We are also very proud to be partnered with C-RAD whose innovative products lead the way in Surface Guidance.”

C-RAD is partnering with the company Gamma Gurus in Australia. Gamma Gurus is a distribution company.

“I am proud to see that the customers have chosen C-RAD and Gamma Gurus as a partner for the surface tracking solution. We are looking forward to support the clinical implementation and to provide the benefits that the technology offers to users and patients in New South Wales.” says Tim Thurn, CEO and President of C-RAD AB. “The adaption of motion management is rapidly increasing in Australia but also globally. Depending on the clinical profile of a given radiation therapy center, 70% of the patients that receive radiation therapy benefit from our solutions. This technology is clearly on its way to become standard of care in advanced radiation therapy.”

The total order received from Gamma Gurus has a value of just above 11 MSEK for C-RAD. Delivery and installation are expected to commence before the end of the year.

About C-RAD
C-RAD develops surface-guided imaging solutions for radiation therapy to allow highly accurate dose delivery to the tumor, and at the same time, to protect healthy tissue from unwanted exposure. Using high-speed 3D cameras combined with augmented reality, C-RAD supports the initial patient setup process and monitors the patient’s motion during treatment to ensure high confidence, an efficient workflow, and improved accuracy. C-RAD monitors the patient’s motion without the use of tattoos or additional imaging dose, to deliver the highest level of patient safety and comfort.

C-RAD. Inspiring excellence in cancer treatment.

C-RAD AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

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