MILabs announced the co-winners of the MILabs Image of the Year Award

MILabs announced the co-winners of the MILabs Image of the Year Award

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September 4, 2020, Utrecht, The Netherlands -- Each year, at the occasion of the Annual Congress of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), MILabs chooses an image that exemplifies highly promising advances in the field of in vivo preclinical imaging. This year, among numerous entries, there were many new multi-isotope PET-SPECT and radiotheranostic applications as well as contributions relevant to SARS-CoV-2-virus research, which initiated a worldwide preclinical research effort.

Due to the vast number of entries related to pulmonary research relevant to SARS-Cov-2 virus imaging, multiple pulmonary contributions were selected as the co-images for the MILabs Preclinical Image of the Year award:

Co-winner #1 - Ferrets have emerged as an indispensable model for the study of respiratory diseases, including Covid-19. Researchers at the University of Alabama demonstrated how quantitative pulmonary imaging in ferrets using the MILabs U-CT system could be accomplished. The research team includes: Denise Stanford, Harrison Kim, Sandeep Bodduluri, Jennifer LaFontaine, Stephen A. Byzek, Trenton R. Schoeb, Elex S. Harris, Hrudaya P. Nath, Surya P. Bhatt, S. Vamsee Raju, and Steven M. Rowe and the article can be found here:

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Co-winner #2 - While high-resolution in vivo CT is used for many pulmonary research applications, the use of molecular tracers can add critical extra information. The University of British Columbia ranked different quantitative pulmonary administration methods of nuclear tracers to mouse models using the MILabs VECTorCT imaging platform. The research team includes: Lan Wu, Cristina Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Dongmei Cun, Mingshi Yang, Katayoun Saatchi, Urs O Häfeli and the article can be found here:

Co-winner #3 – In a joint effort, TU Delft and UMC Utrecht developed virtual lung endoscopy methods to localize pathological processes in the bronchi of mice, guinea pigs, and ferrets. The image can be found here:

MILabs B.V. congratulates the winners and already looks forward to the terrific in vivo images that will be generated over the coming years.

About MILabs B.V.
This fast-growing Dutch company has a history of providing a continuum of innovations to expand the applications of preclinical molecular imaging. With its latest adaptive platform, MILabs has succeeded at commercializing a scalable imaging platform, able to accommodate exclusive Optical tomography and ultra-high-resolution CT imaging as well as high-definition nuclear PET and SPECT techniques. The company has built a strong brand based on its mission of “Making Molecular Imaging Clear” complemented by multiparametric imaging and unique concurrent within a subject analysis of multiple probes. It provides efficient translational systems for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications while minimizing the use of animal models. For more information, visit: or contact MILabs at

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