Innovative ams chip for X-ray detection could lower cost of CT imaging

Innovative ams chip for X-ray detection could lower cost of CT imaging

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Improved image quality. Noise in high-resolution mode is typ. only 0.20 fC for a charge full-scale range of 455 pC. The ADC linearity of ±300 ppm and the compound linearity of ±600 ppm (including the photodiode) contribute to high image fidelity.
Reduced self-heating. The very low power dissipation of typ. 0.65 mW per channel enables manufacturer to implement low-cost air cooling of CT scanners. An integrated temperature sensor enables monitoring of the junction temperature.
The AS5950 also offers fast integration time of as little as 200 µs, to support high scanner rotation speed. The digital data readout can be accessed via SPI interface that also allows to configure the following settings:

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Active sensor area. The total sensor dimension in Z-direction can be selected between 16 mm or 32 mm because of its three-side buttable concept.

Pixel resolution. The adaptive array allows to operate the device in either high-resolution mode with a standard pixel size of 0.98x0.98 mm or in large Z-coverage mode connecting two pixels to a total size of 1.96x0.98 mm.

Full scale range. Depending on the applied dose of radiation, the maximum photodiode current can be configured between 200 nA and 600 nA through three full scale ranges.

The AS5950 sensor IC as well as the AS5950M reference module are available for sampling now. An evaluation kit is also available to interface the sensor as well as the module reference design. It comes with a FPGA board and a software to demonstrate all relevant performance parameters.

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