Four reasons Wi-Fi Assurance is the most important technology in your hospital

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Four reasons Wi-Fi Assurance is the most important technology in your hospital

October 29, 2019
Business Affairs
By Roger Sands

Information and communication technology, telemedicine, medical IoT devices, and electronic medical records are just a few of the ways technology has transformed healthcare. Technological applications in healthcare like cutting-edge diagnostic tools, instant access to records, and internet-connected sensors are helping doctors to save lives, and they are here to stay. In 2017, 95 percent of all hospital types had certified electronic health record (EHR) technology, and reports show that the digital health market is expected to reach $206 billion by 2020.

Wi-Fi is a core necessity for the successful adoption of this technology. Apps, devices, and gadgets require a seamless connection to the network — a connection that can’t be limited by location. The usefulness of this technology lies in its ability to be used by anyone, anywhere, and its ability to share data and connect people in real time. This is true for healthcare professionals who often exist in a go-go-go world and don’t have time to track down information or visit a desk multiple times a day; and it is true for patients, who greatly benefit from inventions like remote patient monitoring, or platforms that enable easy communication with physicians to clear up questions on diagnoses, treatments, or procedures.

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Everything from text messages to electronic record look-up to mobile patient safety devices and real-time virtual monitoring of vitals depends on strong and reliable Wi-Fi. Here are four reasons why Wi-Fi Assurance is critical for any healthcare setting, whether a hospital, rural clinic, or nursing facility.

Successful patient care. As stated above, many healthcare facilities now depend on Wi-Fi for many things from patient intake to patient monitoring and life-saving patient care. Wi-Fi Assurance is now mission-critical in ensuring patients’ health and safety. Assurance platforms proactively work to prevent any network degradation, and automatically alert IT to any possible issues. Network management is simplified and optimization is ensured so that technology continues supporting professionals and patients.

Optimization of Wi-Fi-connected devices. Every new application and medical device must operate at peak performance. The only way to know if this is happening is to capture and analyze data in real time. Wi-Fi Assurance solutions monitor all wirelessly connected devices, giving IT detailed information on exactly what is connected to the network, and how every device is operating. They even allow for historical data regarding that device and how it performed over the past day, week or month. Information is captured 24/7, and if any device malfunctions, IT receives the information automatically. This capability not only saves IT from having to manually search through logs of data, it ensures that healthcare facilities and professionals can trust that the technology they rely on is optimized. These devices cannot fail and with Wi-Fi Assurance, they won’t.

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