The ASRT's Caring Tree brings cancer community together

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The ASRT's Caring Tree brings cancer community together

par Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | December 18, 2018

The idea stayed with her. After all, trees have cycles of renewal, with life and energy returning each spring. That idea is a comfort to people going through hard times or difficult treatments. The tree also represents our society in a way. Even though one person may be directly affected, there are all these branches from them and having strong support, strong roots, is a blessing.

Hadrych-Rosier saw people from many walks of life seemingly inspired by that idea, or at least wanting to connect with a community familiar with the journey they or someone they know went on. “In at least one way, through someone we know, someone we love, someone we care about, we’re all touched by cancer. So some of the hotel staff, some event staff, people staying at the hotel ... wanted to sign the tree because they were emotionally compelled on a personal level and wanted to express themselves,” said Hadrych-Rosier.

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She also added her own message to a leaf. “It was an emotional thing for me too. I love working in my field, love my current role, but at the same time, I miss working with my patients. When I first showed up before the conference opened, someone had filled in one leaf and it was so beautiful seeing that first leaf.”

Due to the response at the conference, the Caring Tree was transported back to ASRT headquarters, where it’s back on display with some still-empty leaves waiting for more stories.

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