Absolute Medical Imaging: A new name in imaging but no shortage of experience

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Absolute Medical Imaging: A new name in imaging but no shortage of experience

par Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | November 20, 2018
Parts And Service
Jordan Brinker (L) and Will Hengemuhle (R)
With a focus on mobile imaging, refurbished imaging equipment and engineering services, a new company called Absolute Medical Imaging is setting out to stake its claim in the market.

HealthCare Business News spoke to the three partners behind the new company— Jordan Brinker, Will Hengemuhle and John Vartanian— to learn more about their plan to build a successful brand around high value solutions and close customer relations.

HCB News: For people who are unfamiliar with Absolute Medical Imaging, can you tell us a little bit about the company's origins?

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John Vartanian: The origins of the three partners are all unique, which is what we believe will give our business the competitive edge. I come from an engineering background that I used to build a strong, sustainable Mobile MR/CT business, Medical Imaging Resources, that I owned and operated for 23 years prior to selling it in 2015.

John Vartanian
Jordan Brinker was able to work his way to the top of Medical Imaging Resources showing his unique talents for the mobile imaging business, and eventually went on to run the mobile MR/CT division for the company. He was able to cultivate and grow the business during his tenure with MIR through hard work and tenacity while gaining customers throughout the entire U.S. over the last 15 years.

William Hengemuhle comes from an entrepreneurial background. From the start of his career, he was able to grow and sustain a business in the southeast that concentrated on end-user radiology equipment and MR/CT sales. He has gained exposure throughout the Midwest and Southeast with end-user projects that have included most imaging modalities.

It was very easy for us to fit the different pieces together and design a business that could offer a full array of solutions for our customers.

HCB News: Are the needs of healthcare providers with respect to mobile imaging evolving? If so, how is Absolute Medical Imaging poised to meet their needs?
Jordan Brinker: Yes, there is a huge technology deficit in the mobile imaging portion of our industry. Manufacturers have been very slow to transform their latest technologies into mobile platforms. Healthcare providers are always looking for value, some through technology, and others through price points. Absolute Medical Imaging stands ready to meet all the needs whether it’s price, technology, or our outstanding service and expertise.

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