Spotlight on H&H Design-Build: discussing healthcare construction with Frank Heinz

Spotlight on H&H Design-Build: discussing healthcare construction with Frank Heinz

par Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | October 21, 2018
Rad Oncology
Frank Heinz
H&H Design-Build began as a modest electrical contracting company in the early 1970's and has since grown into a leading healthcare construction company.

HCB News spoke to Frank Heinz, company president and CEO, as part of the radiation shielding trends feature in the October issue of our magazine. Now, wth ASTRO underway in San Antonio, we decided to check in with him to discuss the challenges of particular shielding jobs, the long-term value of a direct shield door versus a maze, and how strong relationships with customers and colleagues have been essential to H&H Design-Build's success and reputation.

HCB News: H&H Design-Build has provided healthcare construction and design to over 1,000 specialty healthcare projects. What does your company bring to the table that less experienced design and construction companies might not?

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Frank Heinz: Our company prides itself in having the best people who work in this environment every day. Our (three) architects have worked in the specialty healthcare (Diagnostic Imaging, Molecular Imaging, Radiopharmacy, Cancer Treatment and Operating Room) projects most of their career, if not all of their career. Our project managers and superintendents work closely with the equipment vendors team to insure that details are addressed leading up to delivery and installation.

There are some really good design and construction companies that we see as cohorts vs. competitors. There’s a really good network we are growing across the continental U.S. It’s important to all of our reputations to uphold high quality projects. These projects impact quality of healthcare delivery and quality of life.

HCB News: Besides shielding, what are other primary factors to consider when constructing a space for radiation oncology equipment?
FH: We believe the efficiency of the design of the space from the parking lot to the treatment room. Patients need convenient access and the fewer steps they have to take - the better. Once they enter a facility it shouldn’t be overwhelming for them to find their way. We have an interior design firm that we like to work with as well as they understand the needs of these centers and the comfort needed for the patients. For a new center we like to develop ‘maze-less’ vaults to improve the access for the patient and the staff to the treatment equipment. While the direct shield doors are more expensive - when you compare to the cost of concrete and the time it takes for staff and patients to walk through the maze - in the long run the direct shield door more than pays for itself.

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