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November 19, 2017
From the November 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

CXDI-710C and CXDI-810C Wireless Detectors

CXDI-710C and CXDI-810C Wireless Detectors, Canon U.S.A.
North Hall B, Booth #7330
Canon U.S.A. will showcase its newly announced wireless detectors: the CXDI-710CW and CXDI- 810CW. Offering flexible capabilities, the CXDI-710C and CXDI-810C Wireless Detectors are designed to provide the versatility needed to meet the needs of the radiography community. Utilizing strong carbon fiber, the new Canon detectors are among the lightest weight detectors currently available and are designed with form and function in mind to help improve user and patient experience. Despite being lightweight, the carbon fiber chassis and frame provide high performance and high durability, tested for the rigors of demanding daily use. The detectors offer superb quality and reliability that you have come to expect from Canon.

CXDI Control Software NE Version 2.16, Canon U.S.A.
North Hall B, Booth #7330
In tandem with the newly announced wireless detectors, Canon U.S.A. and Virtual Imaging will have CXDI Control Software NE Version 2.16 on display. This software helps to optimize workflow and reduce the steps needed to complete exams. It provides quick image configuration and timely network distribution, supports multiple study acquisition, can easily be tailored to most individual clinical preferences and helps provide the delivery of consistent, high-resolution images with the Canon CXDI Digital Wireless Detectors. In addition, this proprietary software is Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) and DICOM® 3.0 compliant and has features that can help practitioners with their HIPAA compliance efforts.

Digital MACS/D™, ETS-Lindgren
South Hall A, Booth #3217
Your Image is clearer with Our NEW! Digital MACS/D™. ETS-Lindgren's NEW digital Magnetic Active Compensation System (MACS/D™) provides cost-effective, maintenance-free and high-performance attenuation of dynamic environmental magnetic fields for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (NMR/EPR) sites. The MACS/D system incorporates ACR technology (patent pending), which provides higher compensation at the magnet's isocenter than other active compensation systems, with effective attenuation factors in the isocenter of up to 350 versus 40 or less attainable by competing systems. Custom high-power coil drivers provide constant attenuation over a wide dynamic range that can extend to ±45 μTesla (±450 mGauss) with standard coil sets in each of the three axes. Additionally, the MACS/D high efficiency, low dissipation coil driver amplifier insures long-term system reliability at sites with frequent high-level interfering field levels.

GOPView XR2Plus – Orthopedic Package

GOPView XR2Plus – Orthopedic Package, ContextVision
North Hall B, Booth #7208
ContextVision will showcase its latest addition to its image enhancement software portfolio for digital radiology — the Orthopedic Package for GOPView XR2plus.

The new package addresses the specific requirements for orthopedic imaging and facilitates accurate diagnosis with the lowest possible dose exposure. The great dynamics of ContextVision’s technology base allow system manufacturers to easily meet a wide variety of preferences for the best image quality.

ContextVision’s state-of-the-art image enhancement solutions enable excellent image quality results, great durability and robustness in daily use.


North Hall B, Booth #6139
The KUKA LBR Med is the latest robot innovation for the medical sector. With sensory capabilities for safety, fast teaching and simple operator control, the LBR Med acts as a helpful assistant in the operating room. Equipped with the right medical devices and special programs, the LBR Med can be used to assist with endoscopy or biopsies, to use lasers to cut bones or to insert pedicle screws. The KUKA LBR Med is also certified by CB test report to IEC 60601-1 to better assist medical equipment manufacturers in integrating the robot into their product.

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