Accuray’s TomoTherapy more effective than Varian’s RapidArc, non-randomized study finds

Accuray’s TomoTherapy more effective than Varian’s RapidArc, non-randomized study finds

par Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | August 10, 2017
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David Schaal, senior director of scientific communications for Accuray, said he was pleasantly surprised by the magnitude of the improvement in disease control. The study, which Accuray did not fund, demonstrated that the company’s technology enabled clinicians to deliver a more homogeneous dose, with 100 percent of the tumor getting nearly the same dose, which could help explain the improved outcomes.

“Ultimately, the research they presented gives a good estimate of the difference between the two devices, but it’s not randomized and so that will be the main reason that people criticize it,” Schaal told HCB News. “However, researchers conducted a sophisticated analysis to adjust for potential bias due to non-randomization. Even before the adjustment, the TomoTherapy platform results were better than RapidArc as measured by local control, cancer-specific survival and salivary function, even though significant differences in several pre-treatment characteristics may have placed the TomoTherapy group at a disadvantage.”


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Regarding the higher cost of the TomoTherapy system, Schaal said the previous cost analysis referenced in the most recent report has been criticized by TomoTherapy users.

“A couple of TomoTherapy users submitted letters to the editor about that study,” Schaal said. “It’s always going to be a decision that a group has to make one way or another.”

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