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Rapport spécial : C-Bras mobiles et le marché refourbi

par Olga Deshchenko, DOTmed News Reporter | April 06, 2011
From the April 2011 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

While OEMs are showcasing their latest FD mobile C-Arm systems, some health care providers might decide to test their luck on the refurbished market. But it’ll prove to be a challenge.

Imaging refurb experts say flat panel technology on mobile systems is far from reaching the used market, since FD units are just beginning to make ripples in new product sales. Other industry figures echo some OEM sentiments in saying that FD must first prove its clinical superiority to image intensifier systems.

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But that doesn’t mean the refurb sector isn’t getting any attention. Along with the rise of pain management and orthopedic procedures comes the demand for reliable image intensifier-based systems. In fact, the quest for certain systems outpaces the number of units available for refurbishing and resale. “The competition is fierce right now,” says Matthew Blaustein, president of Bluestone Diagnostics.

Providers shopping around on the refurb market are always interested in GE’s family of OEC systems, such as the 9600 and 9800 models. Blaustein dubs the OEC as “the Rolls Royce of C-Arm” because of its proven durability, reliability and widespread access to parts. “You could get service on an OEC 9600 or 9800 in any part of the country,” he says.

In addition to making sure a provider is dealing with a reputable and experienced company, refurb experts advise customers to explore the options on the resale market. Many mobile C-Arms can be outfitted with features like flat panel monitors and wireless capabilities, at a much lower cost. For example, end-users looking for Ziehm Imaging products could save between 30 and 70 percent on the resellers’ market, says Blaustein.

Matthew Blaustein

Refurbished C-arms: warranty and service are important.

May 03, 2011 10:06

In addition to GE/OEC, pre-owned Philips, Siemens and Ziehm c-arms are also excellent solutions for virtually all applications (i.e., pain management, orthopedics, and vascular). When researching the purchase of any c-arm, ensure that the seller can provide responsive service for the system and offers a solid warranty. Furthermore, to protect your investment, make sure that once the warranty period is over, you can receive uninterrupted service for both parts and labor for that system. In other words, do your research to ensure that you can continually protect your investment.
Matthew Blaustein


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