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Unfortunately the SIEMENS Portable ACUSON Cypress (listing #2777256) has been sold or is no longer available. Please browse the listings below to find another item that may match your search criteria.
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"portable acuson cypress" Equipment Listing Search Results:

Exclusive Medical Solutions- your solution to all your ultrasound demands

EMS is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality medical imaging equipment, services, and parts. GIVE US A CALL TODAY AND GET A SOLUTION! @ 866.676.3671 or visit www.EMedicalSol.com - BILINGUAL SUPPORT DOTmed Certified

Online auction Medicnova Privatklinik private clinic in Liechtenstein May 7

Bid online now. Philips Allura Xper FD20 Table X-ray OP system, Philips Pulsera X-ray System, Arthrex OR patient systems, Belimed Washing & Disinfection units, GE Healthcare Carestations, Philips ultrasound units. troostwijkauctions.com info@troostwijk.ch

Date Posted/
Listed Price
SIEMENS Acuson Cypress Unit For Sale
This listing is for a Siemens Acuson Cypress Ultrasound. The unit doesnt turn on. Probably an easy fix. In stock and ready to ship today.... view more
April 15  
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Monte Montain / Alternative Source Medical
phone: +1 (847) 419-0123
starstarstarstarstar(165) speedometer150
dotmed dotmed
SIEMENS Acuson Cypress System For Sale
Item is in Good Working Condition.Price does not include... view more
April 15

Asking Price:
$2,500 USD

High-Quality Ultrasounds of Top Brands - Used and Refurbished - LBN Medical

Our multilingual team has helped hundreds of people from all over the world find the right ultrasound. Should we help you too? We offer fast delivery from our large stock of tested, ready to ship systems for any budget. See more at: www.lbnmedical.com. DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

2001 siemens cypress nisr8903 s/n 73138 types of exams this system is capable of: cardiac transducers: transthoracic probe, a... view more
April 22  
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Robert Manetta / Nationwide Imaging Services, Inc. a Merry X-Ray Company
phone: +1 (732) 262-3115
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SIEMENS Acuson P10 Portable Unit For Sale
Item is in great working condition. Email/Call about more information. ... view more
April 16

Asking Price:
$2,500 USD

Emmanuel Rodriguez / R & H Medical Equipment, Inc.
phone: +1 (248) 836-8724
SIEMENS P10 Acuson Portable For Sale
Tested by factory trained Biomedical engineers and ready for overnight... view more
April 17  
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Bob Potokar / Ultrasound Parts Source LLC
phone: +1 (440) 205-1366
dotmed dotmed

Ultrasound Machines for Sale - GE, Siemens, Philips, Sonosite

Save on new and refurbished ultrasound machines from major brands. Please email dsnyder@gmi3.com or call 704-940-4067 now!...We look forward to helping you!...www.gmi3.com

SIEMENS Acuson X300 Ultrasound For Sale
Siemens Acuson X300 - YOM 2007 SN: 310380 Options: SyngoLite_US_X300 US_THI_X300 Contact us for more information and... view more
April 23  
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Lars Braun Nielsen / LBN Medical
phone: +45 4596886500
starstarstarstarstar(108) speedometer100
dotmed dotmed
SIEMENS ACUSON X300 Premium Edition ACUSON X300 Premium Edition For Sale
color ultrasound system with LCD flat screen monitor, Cardio systems, with CH5-2 abdomen probe, P5-1 cardio probe, VF13-5 linear probe,... view more
April 23

Asking Price:
€7,490 EUR

This user is part of the DOTmed 100
Thomas Koenigbauer / MED & IT Trading
phone: +49 08719740803
starstarstarstarstar(59) speedometer50
dotmed dotmed
SIEMENS CV70 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Siemens Acuson CV70 Cardiovascular Ultrasound For Sale
Pre-owned Siemens Acuson CV70 Cardiovascular Ultrasound with P4-2 probe and printer All medical equipment, new and used, is thoroughly... view more
April 23

Asking Price:
£4,500 GBP

This user is DOTmed Certified
Francesca Stewart / Avensys UK Ltd
phone: +44 1562745858
dotmed dotmed

Aventura Medical - Providing Quality Service & Equipment Call: 877.288.2493

BVI Unit problems? BVI unit says “Calibration Due”? BVI probe won’t pick up at all? Worry no more, Aventura can solve it all! We're capable of calibrating your unit & fixing your probe! We also sell BVI units, batteries, BVI chargers & carts. DOTmed Certified

SIEMENS Acuson S2000 HelX Evolution For Sale
Siemens Acuson S2000 HelX Evolution YOM 2015 Software version: VE31F Sold with 5 probes: 6C1 HD : Convex HD 9L4 : linear 10V4 :... view more
April 23

Asking Price:
€21,000 EUR

Daniel Nemili / For All Medical
phone: +33 762042824
dotmed dotmed
SIEMENS cypress NISR8892 cypress For Sale
2003 siemens cypress-nisr8892 s/n 71359 sw level: 12.0 3v2c scan head options: stress echo networking availble now located in nj wh... view more
April 18  
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Nicole Saggiomo / Nationwide Imaging Services
phone: +1 (732) 262-3115 x242
No Rating Available
dotmed dotmed
SIEMENS ACUSON X700 Ultrasound System For Sale
Siemens ACUSON X700, Version 2.0 (actual model and latest software), YOM December 2015, used ultrasound system, includes 20 "16: 9 Flat... view more
April 23

Asking Price:
€10,500 EUR

Saki Agiannidis / CAmed Medical Systems GmbH
phone: +49 4922180130930
dotmed dotmed
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