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Item Summary for HEWLETT PACKARD 43200MC ECG unit

New Old Stock!

Hewlett Packard HP 43200MC

Portable ECG Electrocardiograph Cardiac Monitor-Recorder System
(Complete & Ready to Use w/ All Accessories & Waterproof Transport Case)


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This HP 43200MC ECG system is New Old Stock. I have several units available! I opened the original box for the first time to take the listing pictures. It is a complete self contained 12 lead/ single channel ECG monitor-recordering sytem. Originally manufactured for use with the mobile HP 43130M Defibrillator system. Operates on internal battery or plugged with everything storing in the hard transport case. Perfect for mobile clinics, EMS/EMT, rescue and humanitarian aid.

Comes with the transport case mounted ECG cardiac monitor-recorder, patient leads, 4 reusable limb electrodes, 1 Welch Allyn reusable suction cup electrode, 3 new rolls chart paper, 12 Volt Battery, new tube of Gel Redux, Original Operating Manual and Original Service Manual. The monitor has a 5" CRT Display which shows 4 seconds of monitoring. The attached power cord is hospital grade. The internal battery is automatically charged when the device is plugged in. According to the manual this device will automatically adjust to 50 or 60 Hz so it is suitable for any power source in the world. The hard case is waterproof, shockproof with a pressure valve. This is a full functioning Cardiac Monitoring system in ready to use condition.

•Hewlett Packard Mobile Cardiac ECG Montor-Recorder
•Model: 43200MC
•Serial No: 2943A24354
•115/230V - 50/60 Hz - 115 VA Max or 12 Volt - 2.9ah Battery
•12 Lead ECG- Standard Single Channel Format
•5 Lead Patient Cable w/ Snap connector
•4 Reusable Limb Electrodes (snap or clip) with rubber straps
•1 Reusable Welch Allyn Suction Cup (snap or clip) electrode
•1 Tube 4 ounce Gel Redux (Electrode Gel)
•5" CRT Display
•2" Chart Recorder w/ 3 rolls Chart paper
•Heavy Duty Waterproof Transport Case w/ Pressure Valve and removable lid.
•Optical Data Link (when used with HP 43130M Defibrillator)
•Original Operating Guide
•Original Service Manual
•Original Box & Packing

Manufacturers Description (from Operating Guide)

The Monitor-Recorder module is a full featured bedside cardiac monitor designed to offer instant access to vital patient information immediately after turn-on. Advanced design offers full automatic function to speed up rapid emergency use, with the manual operator overide capability provided. When the power is turned on, the instrument powers up in the paddles mode with ECG SIZE to AUTO, heart rate alarms set off but preset to 40 adn 140 beats per minute (bpm), and the ECG memory on and recording (set to stop 25.5 minutes after an alarm)

The Monitor-Recorder module's intended use is to monitor the ECG of patients in, or in danger of entering cardiac crisis. It is designed to interconnect physically and functionally with the HP 43130M Defibrillator module for the purpose of performing sychronized cardioversion. A 5-lead cable and a LEAD SELECT key on the Monitor-Recorder module allows recording the complete 12 lead ECG in a standard single channel format.

ECG size, QRS Beeper volume, and High and Low Heart Rate alarm limits are adjustable. 12-lead selection is provided, and a 30-minute ECG memory can be set to stop after an alarm.

A non-fade ECG display is presented on a long-persistance green type 5-inch CRT monitor screen. The ECG display is in a moving (25mm/second) erase-bar mode, which allows the operator to view 4 seconds of ECG waveform information in a stationary presentation on the screen until it is replaced by new information. The monitor screen is alsoused to display Heart-Rate (15-300 beats per minute), ECG source, alarm limits (shen setting or violated), and operator convenience and alert messages.

A diagnostic quality(.05-100 Hz) ECG stripchart recorder is also provided. The recorder uses a thermal array print device to record both the ECG waveform and messages on thermally sensitive paper. The thermal array recorder produces a high quality tracing with a stylus. The traces produced by the thermal array recorder are uniform, rather than varying in breadth with a stylus velocity (faint R waves) as do the stylus recorders. Since the thermal array recorder has fewer moving parts, it is more reliable and requires less maintenance than the older stylus type recorders. There is no operator adjustment required, and no stylus to change.

A 30-minute ECG memory stores ECG waveform information for later review on the monitor screen and/or stripchart recorder. RECORD, STOP, and PLAY, along with fast forward and rewind controls are provided to facilitate playback. ECG memory post-alarm recording time can be specified by the operator. While the information leading up to an alarm is important, most of the attention is focused on more recent information during and following the interventions performed after an alarm. For this reason, the default settings of 4.5 pre-alarm and 25.5 post-alarm minutes have been used.

The Monitor-Recorder module contains its own independent power supply and internal battery. The power supply function is independent of the Defibrillator module (if and when connected)

CONDITION This is a New Old Stock unit that has never been used. I opened the box on this device for the first time to take the listing pictures. I did plug it in to make sure it works and it quickly powers up. I am able to get waveform on the display when the patient leads are plugged in. All original accessories are present and look to be in good operating condition and I believe this unit can be used as soon as it is received. The battery has never been used but due to its age I would recommend buying a new one. This is a super nice system.

AGE 1990 (according to the tag)

Hard Case: 13 1/2" tall x 16" x 13"
Original Box: 24 1/2" tall x 18 1/2 x 21"

WARRANTY I stand behind everything I sell and I guarantee this Cardiac Monitor-Recorder is exact to the description and pictures I have provided here or return it for a refund.

Weight before packing is 39 lbs for everything pictured. (32 lbs for device & accessories)




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