A Vendre OPUS v10 Co2 Monitor

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  • May 22, 2019
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Specifications for OPUS v10 Co2 Monitor

Warranty: 12 months Year of Manufacture: 2018

Item Summary for OPUS v10 Co2 Monitor

OPUS™ Patient Multi-Parameter Monitor

Comprehensive line up of multi-parameter monitoring solutions by Healthcare, dedicated to animal health: diagnostics, surgery and treatment.

Key features:

- Standard: 5 leads ECG, Nellcor SpO2, Suntech NIBP, 2 TEMP, RESP, Li-ion battery, Thermal Printer
- Optional: 3 leads ECG, Masimo SpO2, 4 IBP, EtCO2, C. O. AG, BIS
- Interactive touchscreen up to 7 waveforms at a glance,
- 'Smart Sensor' automatically adjusting screen brightness
- Rechargeables Li-ion battery with long life time
- 120 full hours trend data storage
- 48 hours of full disclosure waveforms review
- OxyCRG, Drug Calculation
- 26 types of Arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis and pacemaker detection
- USB and SD memory data saving
- Early warning alarm and costumized alarm setting
- Wire and wireless networking
- External VGA monitor connection
- Respironics and Phasein ETCO2 available
- Rolling stands and wall mount available
- Built-in integrated 3 channel thermal printer

Available options (please ask for pricing):

SpO2 :
Nellcor Extension Cable + Adult Reusable SpO2 Sensor + Nellcor Module
040-000010-00 Adult Nellcor Reusable SpO2 Sensor /DS-100A,3ft
040-000087-00 Adu/Neo Nellcor Reusable SpO2 Sensor/OXI-A/N,3ft
040-000086-00 Ped Nelllcor Reusable SpO2 Sensor /OXI-P/I,3ft
040-000075-00 NELLCOR Reusable Type Y SpO2 Sensor/Dura-Y D-YS,3ft
009-000466-00 NELLCOR Reusable Extension cable/DOC-10,10ft
040-000223-00 Neo Disposable Nellcor SPO2 Probe(MAX-N),3ft
040-000004-00 Ped Disposable Nellcor SPO2 Probe(MAX-P),3ft
040-000158-00 Adu Disposable Nellcor SPO2 Probe,3ft

Masimo Extension Cable + Adult Reusable SpO2 Sensor + Masimo Module:
040-000203-00 Masimo Adult SPO2 probe/M-LNCS DCI 30KG,3ft
040-000204-00 Masimo extension cable /M-LNC-10 REF: 2525,10ft
040-000373-00 Masimo Ped SPO2 probe/Reusable/ M-LNCS DCIP REF:2502,3ft
040-000313-00 Masimo extension cable /M-LNC-10 REF: 2525,10ft
040-000361-00 Masimo Reusable Type Y SpO2 probe/M-LNCS YI 1KG PN:2505,3ft
040-000313-00 Masimo extension cable /M-LNC-10 REF: 2525,10ft
040-000200-00 Masimo Disposable NEO/Adu SPO2 probe/ M-LNCS NEO-3 3KG or 40KG ,3ft
040-000201-00 Masimo Disposable Ped SPO2 probe/M-LNCS PDTX-3 10-50KG,3ft
040-000202-00 Masimo Disposable ADU SPO2 probe/ M-LNCS ADTX-3 30KG,3ft
040-000198-00 Masimo Disposable Infant /M-LNCS INF-3/3-20KG,3ft
040-000435-00 Masimo Disposable Infant /M-LNCS INF 3-20KG PN:2512,3ft
040-000232-00 Masimo Disposable NEO/ADU / M-LNCS NEO/3KG OR 40KG PN:2514,3ft
040-000362-00 Foam Warps for LNOP/LNCS/ M-LNCS YI SENSORS PN:1602(12pcs/box)
049-000256-00 Silicone Wrap for Masimo Type Y Sensor(reusable)

040-000592-00 NIBP Cuff /ADU/25-35CM/ PHILIPS Connector
040-000593-00 NIBP Cuff /PED/18-26CM/ PHILIPS Connector
040-000594-00 NIBP Cuff /INF/10-19CM/ PHILIPS Connector
040-000595-00 NIBP Cuff /NEO/6-11CM/ PHILIPS Connector
040-000596-00 NIBP Cuff /LEG/46-66CM/ PHILIPS Connector
040-000597-00 NIBP Cuff /ADU/20-28CM/ PHILIPS Connector
040-000598-00 NIBP Cuff /ADU/33-47CM/ PHILIPS Connector
040-000599-00 NIBP Cuff /ADU/LEG/33-47CM/ PHILIPS Connector
040-000626-00 NIBP Tube/PHILIPS Connector/3M
040-000323-00 Disposable Neo Cuff 1# (3~5CM)
040-000324-00 Disposable Neo Cuff 2# (4~7.6CM)
040-000325-00 Disposable Neo Cuff 3# (5.6~10.6CM)
040-000326-00 Disposable Neo Cuff 4# (7.0~12.8CM)

040-000479-00 12Pin 3-Lead Clip Connector ECG Cable/Anti-Defibrillation/ AHA
040-000480-00 12Pin 5-Lead Clip Connector ECG Cable/Anti-Defibrillation/AHA
040-000481-00 12Pin 12-Lead Clip Connector ECG Cable/Anti-Defibrillation/AHA
040-000485-00 12Pin 3-Lead Clip Connector ECG Cable/Anti-Defibrillation/IEC
040-000486-00 12Pin 5-Lead Clip Connector ECG Cable/Anti-Defibrillation/IEC
040-000487-00 12Pin 12-Lead Clip Connector ECG Cable/Anti-Defibrillation/IEC
040-000733-00 3-Lead ECG Clip Connector leads/AHA
040-000735-00 5-Lead ECG Clip Connector Leads/AHA
040-000737-00 3-Lead ECG Clip Connector leads/AHA
040-000739-00 5-Lead ECG Clip Connector Leads/AHA
040-000740-00 12PIN 3-Lead ECG Extension Cable/AHA
040-000741-00 12PIN 3-Lead ECG Extension Cable/IEC
040-000742-00 12PIN 5-Lead ECG Extension Cable/AHA
040-000743-00 12PIN 5-Lead ECG Extension Cable /IEC
*AHA is for USA/ IEC is for international

040-000246-00 2P Adult Skin Temp Probe
040-000385-00 2P Adult Rectal/Esophageal Temp Probe
040-000386-00 2P NEO Rectal/Esophageal Temp probe
040-000387-00 2P NEO Skin Temp probe

Respironics: Side Stream EtCO2 Module with Accessories
Main Stream EtCO2 Module with Accessories
Phasein: Side Strem EtCO2 Module with Accessories
Main Stream EtCO2 Module with Accessories

Phasein: Sidestream Multi-gas module (ISA AX+ REF:800601) without O2
Sidestream Multi-gas module (ISA OR+ REF:800602) with O2
Mainstream Multi-gas module without O2

IBP (has to be purchased with the monitor at initial order):
Dual-IBP module with accessories kit(module×1+ interface cable×2 + Disposable transducer ×2)

Cardiac Output:
C.O. module + Dual-IBP module + Accessories

Bisx module with Disposable Bis Electrodes

ICG (i15 only):
ICG module with Disposable ICG Electrodes

Wall mount
Rolling Stand


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