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RESPIRONICS DS960HS Bipap Auto SV Bi-level PAP for sale RESPIRONICS DS960HS Bipap Auto SV Bi-level PAP for sale
RESPIRONICS DS960HS Bipap Auto SV Bi-level PAP for sale RESPIRONICS DS960HS Bipap Auto SV Bi-level PAP for sale

A Vendre RESPIRONICS DS960HS Bipap Auto SV Bi-level PAP

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  • Date : November 27, 2019

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Listing: #2718726

  • Condition: New
  • Type: Bi-level PAP
  • Model: DS960HS Bipap Auto SV
  • MPN: DS960HS
Respironics DS960HS Bipap Auto SV. Heated Humidifier SmartCard Hose & Traveling Bag.
Advanced Comfort BiPAP for Exceptional Performance
The Respironics PR System One 60 Series BiPAP autoSV 960TS Advanced was created to help you manage complex sleep disordered breathing with its advanced technological designs. A BiPAP machine integrated with Auto EPAP technology, the Respironics 960TS monitors each individual breath and will automatically change pressure settings based off of your every need during use. Advanced BiPAPs can manage Complex Sleep Apnea by constantly adapting to your inhalation and exhalation needs on a breath by breath basis. The Respironics 960TS features an Auto EPAP technology, a backup rate that encourages spontaneous breathing, a Servo Ventilation algorithm for smooth breathing, and the System One Resistance Control that all of the Respironics 60 series machines come equipped with.

Bi Flex Technology
Bi Flex provides consistent pressure relief helping to improve your comfort levels during BiPAP therapy. Bi Flex technology will help imitate a more natural feel during use by reducing pressure during exhalation to inhalation and vice versa
Auto EPAP TechnologyEPAP will distinguish your breathing patterns and determine the differences between obstructed apneas and apneas where your airway is clear. The Respironics PR System One 960DS has an auto titrating algorithm which allows for the device to operate like a typical Auto CPAP or an Auto BiPAP, adjusting to your breathing when needed to help maintain a clear airway.
Prevents Complex or Central Sleep Apnea by helping the patient spontaneously breathe at a natural rate comfortable to them.

SV Algorithm
Servo Ventilation will provide a smooth breathing pattern by changing pressure when needed on a breath by breath basis. Your peak flow will be monitored throughout BiPAP use, and the SV Algorithm will support a stable breathing cycle.

Helping to increase your comfort during BiPAP therapy, a humidifier will help manage the rainout in your tube and mask. Consistent humidity will be delivered into the tube providing relieve at the mask. Rainout can cause irritation after sleep apnea therapy by allowing for excess moisture into the mouth or nose during use, resulting in side effects such as a sore throat or dry nose after undergoing BiPAP or CPAP therapy. There are three different levels of humidity available that you can choose from, allowing you to raise or lower your humidity dependent upon your daily needs due to the inclement weather in your room.
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