Varian invests $10 million in COTA to support data-driven cancer care

November 10, 2020
by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief
Varian Medical Systems today announced a new $10 million investment and collaboration agreement with COTA Inc., a Boston-based curator of clinical data in oncology.

Under the agreement, Varian will offer its customers access to COTA’s oncology real-world analytics and data curation services, which aggregate fragmented and often incomplete EHR data to tease out meaningful insights. At the same time, COTA will help Varian create better Intelligent Cancer Care tools for decision support using real-world evidence.

Varian, through its Intelligent Cancer Care initiative, is working to create a technology ecosystem that connects clinicians and patients into a global, continuously learning system that is fueled by information, driven by collaboration and accelerated by AI to improve outcomes.

“This agreement with COTA represents a huge win for our two companies, and also for oncology care providers and researchers,” said Corey Zankowski, senior vice president of oncology software solutions at Varian, in a statement. “We believe COTA’s proprietary technology, advanced analytics, and deep expertise in organizing complex data will make a significant step toward realizing the goals of Intelligent Cancer Care."

Varian made two prior investments in COTA earlier this year. This latest investment brings the total amount invested to $20 million, in the form of a convertible loan with an option to acquire the company at a future date.