Lund University Bioimaging Center extends its preclinical imaging capabilities with MILabs’ new diagnostic X-Ray CT system

January 09, 2020
January 6, 2020, Lund-Sweden and Utrecht, the Netherlands -- The Bioimaging Center of Lund University is a leading trans-faculty research center that houses a wide range of advanced preclinical and clinical imaging equipment. To further extend its preclinical imaging capabilities, LBIC recently acquired a MILabs uCT diagnostic X-ray CT system. This system has the unique ability to rapidly acquire dynamic 4D CT images at very-low radiation doses and with ultra-high-resolution. Moreover, because of its high resolution, the system is also suited for detailed 3D ex-vivo imaging studies.

According to Dr. Marie Sydoff; responsible physicist at the Nuclear Medicine/CT platform at LBIC, “Purchasing the MILabs micro-CT has redefined our research opportunities. The higher resolution, dual energy feature, as well as the overall better performance of the uCT gives us the opportunity to perform research projects in a much wider range than before. The improved image quality at low radiation dose makes it a great investment for our research environment”.

Prod. F. Beekman, founder and CEO of MILabs adds:” We are grateful that the LBIC has chosen our new diagnostic U-CT system. With its on-the-fly scanning capabilities and advanced multi-energy detector design, we believe that the system can currently deliver 3D and 4D CT images of unrivaled quality”

About Lund University Bioimaging Center (LBIC):
LBIC is an infrastructure within the Medical Faculty of Lund University housing advanced imaging equipment for use by researchers, PhD students and industry. LBIC is a core facility with both preclinical and clinical equipment available for various studies and experiments. For further info:

About MILabs B.V.:
This fast-growing Dutch company has a history of providing a continuum of innovations to expand the applications preclinical molecular imaging. With its latest adaptive platform, MILabs has succeeded at commercializing a scalable imaging platform, able to accommodate PET, SPECT, Optical and CT imaging either as stand-alone or fully integrated modalities on a single integrated system. MILabs has built a strong brand based on its mission of “Making Molecular Imaging Clear”. With ultra-high-resolution and multiparametric imaging complemented by high-energy theranostic capabilities, it provides efficient translational systems for both diagnostic and radiotherapy applications. For more information, visit: or contact MILabs at