DOTmed 100 certificates
belonging to Josh Glas

Are you proud of your marketing?

May 09, 2018
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
As a young man and throughout life, I was always taught by my parents and others not to brag. Nobody likes a bragger and it has been my experience that usually people who brag are also exaggerators.

Even now after almost 65 years, I try to be humble and not take myself too seriously. Nevertheless, I am proud of DOTmed and I am proud of our growth.

There is a fine line between bragging and putting your best foot forward. I think DOTmed has cracked the code with its rating system.

I was really gratified to receive an email from Josh Glas, showing me pictures of his DOTmed 100 certificates from the last five years.

Whether it be on DOTmed, or Yelp, or Google, or TripAdvisor, or anywhere else, it's clear that one of the best ways to brag or to promote yourself, is to have positive ratings. Positive ratings show that the people with whom you do business have confidence in you and like you.

Obviously, there are a lot of people who like Josh Glas because he has been one of the Top 100 parts vendors, for so many years.

If you call Josh, he will speak with confidence, but not brag. He knows how to promote himself and still be a gentleman.

So it is my advice that you invite your clients, whomever they may be, to speak well of you, and do so in public.

By the way, DOTmed is now up to over 275,000 registered users, over 300,000 user sessions a day, and more than 750,000 listings on our website. In a way, all of the traffic and all of our users speak well of our site. So thanks to all of you, and good marketing to you!