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Prescott's Inc. - Parts, Service Repairs, & Service Contracts

Our service technicians are factory trained with surgical microscopes such as: Zeiss, Leica, Moller, Topcon, Storz/Urban and many more. Call (800) 438-3937

We looking your used equipment!!!! the expertise in ophthalmic equipments!

We are the difference in the market! Real post service. We have our own refurbishment lab with original parts. Specialist in Lasers, Phacos, Microscopes, Slit Lamps, Visual Fields, Retinal Cameras. More than 20 years of experience!..Please Call 3055049163



February 26

Asking Price:
$750 USD


OLYMPUS BHTU/BH-2 Microscope For Sale

Olympus BHTU BH-2 Microscope. Unit powers on but the light does not come on. Used, As-Is. As pictured.... view more

February 26

Asking Price:
$450 USD

Bob Gaw / PRN
phone: +1 (508) 679-6185

CARL ZEISS Opmi 6-CH Surgical Microscope For Sale

Item # 239049 Title: Carl Zeiss Opmi 6-CH Surgical Microscope Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss Model: Opmi 6-CH Description: Surgical Microscope Quantity: 1 Item Location: MD Warehouse Over... view more

February 26

Asking Price:
$2,500 USD
$2,250 USD (10% Off)


NIKON Labophot Microscope For Sale

Item # 233579 Title: Nikon Labophot Microscope Manufacturer: Nikon Model: Labophot Description: Microscope Quantity: 1 Item Location: MD Warehouse Item Condition: Good (Please view all... view more

February 26

Asking Price:
$750 USD
$675 USD (10% Off)

IMEB Inc. - International Medical Equipment - 800-543-8496

Largest inventory of refurbished: pathology, histology, cytology, IHC, morgue & neuropath equipment. With over 35 years of dedicated service, & through quality workmanship, we specialize in laboratory setups & nationwide service repairs. Visit

DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100

CARL ZEISS Montagesatz 46 70 65 9912 Microscope For Sale

Item # : 224052 Title: Carl Zeiss Montagesatz 46 70 65 9912 Microscope Manufacturer:Carl Zeiss Model :Montagesatz 46 70 65 9912 Description: Microscope Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC Warehouse... view more

February 26

Asking Price:
$530 USD
$477 USD (10% Off)


CARL ZEISS Visu 160 on S7 Microscope For Sale

Carl Zeiss OPMI Visu 160 S7 Surgical Microscope Lighting BrightFlex to Red Reflection for 2nd and 6th for excellent lighting excellent condition Opmi Visu 160, ready to work. Features: Best... view more

February 26  

LEICA M800 Series Microscope For Sale

Leica M841 The Leica M800 Series replaced the M690. It has tremendous visual acuity and reliable red-reflex. All of the M690 capabilities were integrated and enhanced with this model. Leica M800... view more

February 26  

LEICA M500 With Multiplex Microscope For Sale

The Leica M500 is a generation newer than the M690 and uses different technology. This is a good choice for those surgeons that have used this model before and are accustomed to it. Leica M500... view more

February 26  


We are the largest histology/pathology equipment service company in the Southeast and we sell premium refurbished equipment with warranty. 15 years of expertise is brought to every unit we sell. Call: 855-731-7999


CARL ZEISS OPMI MDU on S22 Microscope For Sale

We have this microscope setup for Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgery. We can also include the Inverter Surgery System. The Inverter made by Oculus (used) and the Vitrectomey Surgery System Merlin,... view more

February 26  

CARL ZEISS MDU on S 5 Microscope For Sale

Excellent microscope for both anterior and posterior surgery. This microscope have a 65mm working field. It is refurbished in our facility. Please also for... view more

February 26  


Carl Zeiss OPMI 6 with Endure’s ophthalmic surgical microscopes feature ILLUMIN-i® technology, that allows for a consistently stable, high quality red reflex that redefines the visual area. The red... view more

February 26  


Leica M841 The Ultimate Surgical Microscope for Ophthalmology Surgical microscope for Ophthalmology with the advanced APO optics, illumination and electronics concept In accordance with the... view more

February 26  

Universal Eye Care, Inc. Our focus is on serving you!

Celebrating 15 years of servicing the ophthalmic community. Quality pre-owned equipment at discounted prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. Alcon Bausch & Lomb, AMO, Zeiss, Leica, Phaco handpiece repair & more. Se habla Espanol.


CARL ZEISS VISU 150 on S5 Microscope For Sale

Excellent microscope, refurbished conditions. Includes Assistant Scope, XY, Oculus Image Inverter, and 532nm green laser filter. Microscope is in pristine... view more

February 26  

CARL ZEISS OPMI MDO on S5 Microscope For Sale

USED. OPMI MDO on S5 Microscope for retina and Cataract Procedures. Includes 0-180 degrees main binocular and fixed assistant. XY 2nd generation on Universal S5... view more

February 26  

LEICA M690 Microscope For Sale

M690 Microscope REFURBISHED - MERLIN System BRAND NEW Surgical Microscope M690 with VOLK Inverter and Retinal surgery System MERLIN by VOLK (similar to BIOM). This microscope is refurbished and... view more

February 26