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AMO SOVEREIGN COMPACT Phacoemulsifier For Sale

ELLIPS® FXTechnology. TAKING LENS EXTRACTION TO A HIGHER LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE. With the total approach to lens extraction technology, ELLIPS® FX technology is specially designed for smoother... view more

February 20  

ABBOTT Sovereign Compact FX Phacoemulsifier For Sale

The SOVEREIGN® COMPACT Cataract Extraction System is an AC-powered device with a fragmenting needle intended for use in cataract surgery to disrupt a cataract with ultrasound and extract the... view more

February 20  

BAUSCH & LOMB STELLARIS Anterior Phacoemulsifier For Sale

This is a very reliable Phaco machine, and money worth. Unit is in excellent shape. Includes 1 phaco hand piece, Wireless foot pedal. Latest Software. Ready to go. This is not a Combo PC, it is... view more

February 20  

AMO SOVE COMPACT Phacoemulsifier For Sale

this is a sovereign compact with ellipse technology. includes two phaco hand piece, 1 ia, rolling cart. great unit, great shape. latest software.... view more

February 20  

ALCON INFINITI Phacoemulsifier For Sale

We have Alcon Infiniti available with Ozil Techonlogy. We include 2 phaco hand piece, IA Hand piece, etc... The phacos include 6 months warranty and in excellent conditions. We include pictures of... view more

February 20  

ALCON 800 CS 4.54 Phacoemulsifier For Sale

USED. Excellent Unit with Cart. Combination system. Software version. Includes one phaco handpiece and one frag handpiece Ready to GO... view more

February 20  

ALCON INFINITI Phacoemulsifier For Sale

USED. Excellent unit, with OZIL Software for Torsional Phacoemulsification. Includes 2 phaco hand pieces, one Irrigation / Aspiration hand piece. Unit in perfect working conditions.... view more

February 20  

ALCON INFINITI Phacoemulsifier For Sale

This is an excellent opportunity to have the best phaco in the market. It comes with 2 Phaco hand piece Ozil, 1 IA MST, Remote control, foot pedal, and covers. Excellent shape and ready to... view more

February 20  

AMO COMPACT Phacoemulsifier For Sale

We have two units available, 2 phaco hand piece each, 1 Vit Cutter each, 2 IA Hand piece each. Units in pristine conditions. ICE and Case Software... view more

February 20  

ALCON INFINITI Phacoemulsifier For Sale

This is a 2006 Alcon Infiniti phaco emulsifier with 2 phaco hand piece, we include 1 BRAND NEW MST IA Hand piece. Wood crate included see attached... view more

February 20  

BAUSCH & LOMB Millenium Combo Phacoemulsifier For Sale

This is a combo unit, it is ready to go, and includes 2 phaco hand pieces.... view more

February 20  

BAUSCH & LOMB Millenium Combo w Laser Phacoemulsifier For Sale

We have a few units of this model. All of them are working and in very good shape. They are ready to... view more

February 20  

ALCON Accurus 800CS FULL Phacoemulsifier For Sale

This is the FULLIEST Accurus you could get. We have it 800CS with Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope, 532 Ophthalas Diode Laser, and Xenon Lamp. It is in very good shape and working conditions. You can... view more

February 20  

ALCON Infiniti w Ozzil IP Phacoemulsifier For Sale

Excellent opportunity. Great Phaco, manufactured in 2006. With 2 phaco hand... view more

February 20  

ALCON ACCURUS 800 CS Phacoemulsifier For Sale

EXCELLENT COMBO UNIT 800 CS. Dual Halogen illumination, 2500 Cuts Per Minute, Vitrector. Cart Included. GREAT... view more

February 20