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GE OEC OEC 9800 NeuroVascular 30FPS C-Arm For Sale

2000 OEC 9800 Neurovascular C-Arm with 12 “ image intensifier and 30 FPS Cine Dual High Resolution 1k x 1k, 16" Square Monitors, Touchscreen System Control, Tri-Mode 12/9/6 Inch Image Intensifier,... view more

September 25  

GE OEC OEC 9900 Elite VAS MTS C-Arm For Sale

2014 OEC 9900 ELITE VAS MTS with 12 Inch Image Intensifier Tri-Mode image intensifier (12’’ 9’’ 6’’), 30FPS Vascular, DSA, Road Mapping, GE Flat panel monitors mounted on an articulating arm,... view more

September 25  

GE OEC 9900 12" Vasc. C-Arm For Sale

DOM: June 2011 SN: E2-2257 Available with Warranty Excellent... view more

September 25  

GE OEC 6600 C-Arm For Sale

2000 Model. Mini C-Arm with 4/6 Inch Image Intensifier, Dual Monitors, Two (2) Pedal Footswitch, Sony Printer, DICOM. Excellent Image Quality. Available Now. In-Stock. X-Ray Tube Type: Fixed... view more

September 24  

Call Atlantis Worldwide for your C-Arm Needs!

We stock multiple refurbished & used C-Arms from OEC, Siemens, Philips, Hologic and Ziehm in different models and years. Wholesale & Retail Quotes available - Call 800-533-3356 or email


GE OEC 9900 (all configurations) C-Arm Wanted

We buy GE OEC 9900s in all configurations. Please contact us with any systems you have available. Please include the date of manufacture, software package, II size, and any photos of the equipment... view more

September 23  

GE OEC 9800 (all configurations) C-Arm Wanted

We buy GE OEC 9800s. Contact us today with any systems you have available for sale. Please include the date of manufacture, software level, serial number and any photos of the equipment you have.... view more

September 23  

GE OEC 6800 C-Arm For Sale

Specifications: Single Flat Screen Monitor Dual 6”/4” Image Intensifier LIH-Last Image Hold Patient Key-Pad Entry Contrast Expansion Automatic Edge Enhancement Frame Averaging Touch Screen ... view more

September 22  

GE OEC 9400 C-Arm For Sale

GE OEC 9400 C-Arm This product has been fully tested and cleaned by our team here at Medical ReVitalization, Inc. We have made sure that this items in excellent condition for our buyers. We... view more

September 23

Asking Price:
$6,000 USD

The Intuitive Biomedical Solution - GE OEC C-Arm Sales, Service & Parts

INTUITIVE THINKING • INTUITIVE WORKS • INTUITIVE SOLUTIONS • Contact TIBS today for your GE OEC C-arm Sales, Service or Parts. Parts & systems in stock now. Exchange or sell us your old C-arm. Call 866.499.3966 or email


GE OEC 9900 12" Vasc. C-Arm For Sale

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. GE OEC 9900 12" Vascular. 8FPS. Refurbished and in excellent condition. Available with or without 12 month... view more

September 22  

GE OEC 9800 Super C Vascular C-Arm Wanted

9800 Super C Vascular needed immediately. PO in... view more

September 22  

GE OEC 9900 C-Arm Wanted

Wanted: GE/ OEC 9900 C-Arms, All... view more

September 22  

GE OEC Series 7600 X-ray Device C-Arm For Sale

Used, very good condition, German production, Power supply: 230 V, Frequency: 50/60 Hz, X-ray machine for intraoperative applications - C-arm, Main parameters of an intraoperative X-ray machine:... view more

September 21  

We Refurbish, Sell, Service Used and New C-Arms

Our GE/OEC, Philips, Siemens and Fluroscan/Hologic C-Arm are sold with warranties up to 2-Years. We also sell NEW Comed/GEMSS C-Arms with 2-3 Year Warranty. Call us today 800-722-3646.

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GE OEC 9800 plus C-Arm For Sale

12" II * Vascular, 15 FPS * D.O.M. 2006 * Release 30 * SW... view more

September 21

Asking Price:
$35,000 USD


GE OEC 9600 C-Arm For Sale

For Sale... Reconditioned GE OEC 9600 Fully Tested. Excellent Condition. New Style Steering. Add a c-arm table for only $4k! In Stock. Contact Us For More Details. ... view more

September 21

Asking Price:
$19,999 USD


GE OEC 9600 C-Arm For Sale

Refurbished OEC 9600 • 9/6/4.5 in Image System • Hi-frequency Generator 4.0 kW full-wave • Up to 120kVp and 75mA • Pulsed Fluoro mode up to 5mA • Pulsed Fluoro mode – up to 8 pulses per second... view more

September 21