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Used and New MRI Coil Equipment Listings

Philips and Siemens MRI Spare parts for all model systems

All parts available upon request. Please include part number and description for your request. Full Warranty. Call 813-925-1314 or email at Sales@Elsmed.com

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MEDWRKS is your one stop shop for all things MRI.

We have a large inventory guaranteed to meet your needs. Also, we will price match anyone's pricing and give an extra 10% off for a limited time. MRI COILS/ FULL SYSTEMS / OEM PARTS .Please call (800) 377-9339 EMAIL: SALES@MEDWRKS.COM

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GE 2416616 HD 12 Ch Body Array MRI Coil For Sale

GE MRI 1.5T HD 12 Channel (Ch) Body Array Coil P/N: 2416616 ... view more

September 27  

PHILIPS knee/foot coil MRI Coil For Sale

The knee/foot coil p/n 4522 132 14022 is... view more

September 27  

Top Quality MRI Coils from Nationwide Imaging (732) 262-3115

Through our global equipment network, Nationwide provides an extensive variety of parts, components, & supplies for all types of imaging equipment. Contact us today for more information regarding parts & supplies.

DOTmed Certified

PHILIPS ST Sense 1.0T MRI Coil For Sale

Philips Sense 1T Head Coil 451000041516 ... view more

September 27  

PHILIPS 1.5T Achieva / Intera MRI Coil For Sale

Philips Breast Coil ACS - NT 452213117224 ... view more

September 27  

PHILIPS 1.5T Achieva / Intera MRI Coil For Sale

Philips SYN. Spine Coil ACS-NT 45980003071 / 4598-000-30712 ... view more

September 27  

Your Toshiba/Canon MRI and CT equipment, parts, and service specialists!

Titanium Medical Imaging, specializing in Toshiba/Canon Equipment Sales, Parts, and Service. Parts are in stock and available for immediate delivery. In-Room MRI Upgrades available now. ph:713-640-5457 or kyle@titaniummed.com


PHILIPS Achieva / Intera 1.5T MRI Coil For Sale

Philips Quad Knee & Foot Coil 452213214023... view more

September 27  

PHILIPS Panorama 1T MRI Coil For Sale

Philips 1.0T Sense Neck Coil 45100004152 /... view more

September 27  

GE 1.5T Medrad HD NV MRI Coil For Sale

GE 1.5T HD Neurovascular Array Coil 5117092-2 Assy # 3012551 / 5117092-2... view more

September 27  

SIEMENS 1.5T Invivo MRI Coil For Sale

Siemens Symphony Precision Eight Wrist Array Coil 800310 / Assembly 106394 ... view more

September 27  

PM Imaging MGMT: (213) 276-8209, info@pmimagingmgmt.com

From CA to NY and around the world we buy and sell your used imaging equipment at market value or higher. We offer spare MRI and CT parts, accessories and services supporting most OEMs. We also offer purchase, long or short-term Mobile MRI & CT rental.


GE Split Head Coil Assembly MRI Coil For Sale

GE 1.5T Signa Split Head Coil Assembly ... view more

September 27  

GE Excite 8 Channel Breast Array MRI Coil For Sale

GE 3T HD 8 Channel Vibrant Breast Array Coil... view more

September 27  

GE 1.5T / 8 Channel HD Breast Array MRI Coil For Sale

GE 8 Channel HD Breast Array Coil / Head Rest 2407945 Pads Available.... view more

September 27  

GE 3T Extremity MRI Coil For Sale

GE Invivo 3T HD Quad Extremity Coil... view more

September 27  

GE Signa 1.5T MRI Coil For Sale

GE Posterior Neck Surface Coil Pad Available Cervical Spine... view more

September 27