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ALOKA Prosound Alpha 10 Shared Service For Sale

Aloka Prosound Alpha 10 ultrasound system. - S/N: 20085675 - Year of Manufacture: 2010 - 2 transducers: UST-9130 convex / UST-9133 mini convex - Scanning modes: B / M / Flow / Powerflow / PW -... view more

April 10

Asking Price:
€5,200 EUR


ZONARE MEDICAL SYSTEMS Z.One Ultra Shared Service For Sale

Portable Zonare Z.One Ultra ultrasound on Zonare’s exclusive SmartCart. - S/N: 5183S210I - Software version: 4.8.11C - Two transducers: L8-3 linear (2014) / C6-2 convex (2013)* - Scanning... view more

April 10  

SIEMENS Sonoline G20 Shared Service For Sale

Compact high quality Siemens Sonoline G20 ultrasound sytem - S/N JA02764 - Year of Manufacture: 2007 - Model 08648847 - Software version: 2.5.000 - One linear transducer (L10-5) in excellent... view more

April 10

Asking Price:
€1,500 EUR


ALOKA Prosound SSD-5000 Shared Service For Sale

Aloka Prosound SSD-5000 ultrasound for basic imaging. - S/N: M02441 - Year of Manufacture: 2002 - Aloka IPC-1530 CRT monitor - PureHD - Sony UP-895MD video graphic printer - 2 transducers:... view more

April 10

Asking Price:
€2,750 EUR


SIEMENS Sonoline Adara Shared Service For Sale

Compact Siemens Sonoline Adara ultrasound system; older model with a convex transducer. - S/N: EBE1871 - Year of Manufacture: 2001 - Model no: GM-6703A2E00 - 3.5C40S convex transducer; minor... view more

April 10

Asking Price:
€1,000 EUR


GE Logiq E Shared Service For Sale

GE Logic E Portable Ultrasound with (2) Transducers and Cart Includes a convex - abdominal probe Includes a linear - muscle skeletal proble Includes a 180 day warranty See clearly. See quickly.... view more

April 10

Asking Price:
$16,995 USD


GE Logiq E9 Shared Service For Sale

GE Logiq E9 Ultrasound System - BT Version: 10 - S/W Version: R2.0.5 Logiq E9: --------- The GE LOGIQ E9 is the most agile ultrasound system on the market. This dynamic technology will... view more

April 10

Asking Price:
$15,500 USD

A1 Medical Technology
phone: +1 (630) 247-7929

HP SONOS 4500 Shared Service For Sale

HP SONOS 4500 ultrasound system including: S4 Phased Array Adult Cardiac C3540 Convex E6509 Endocavitary 11-3L Linear Sony Color Video Printer Sony Super VHS Agfa Linux Paxport We also... view more

April 10  
Sandra Beltran / Arcolma
phone: +1 (954) 812-9952

SONOSITE Micromaxx Shared Service For Sale

SonoSite MicroMaxx Ref: P07071-18 2007-08 SonoSite MicroMaxx Modes: CPD, DCPD, ECG, M, PW, THI, CW, COLOR, DPLX, CLIPS. Including: P17/5-1Mhz Adult Cardiac Transducer Accessories: ... view more

April 10  
Sandra Beltran / Arcolma
phone: +1 (954) 812-9952

AGILENT Sonos 5500 Ultrasound Shared Service For Sale

Agilent Sonos 5500 Ultrasound DOM: 2001 Includes: Panasonic DVD Video Recorder LQ-MD800 Selling as-is, where-is. Photos attached, but we can send as many as needed. Please reach out with... view more

April 09  

MINDRAY MX7 Shared Service For Sale

Mindray MX7 Ultrasound- Advanced Unit New-ZST Platform, 15.6 LED Wide Monitor, B/M/Color M/Power/ Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging, HD scope, Pulse Wave Doppler(Includes High Pulsed Rep... view more

April 09  

MINDRAY M7 Shared Service For Sale

Mindray M7 System for Rent (Short Term or Long Term) Probes (Fit to your need): Linear Convex Sector Contact us Today ... view more

April 09  

TOSHIBA Aplio i800 Shared Service For Sale

Canon Aplio i800 is a premium multi-purpose diagnostic ultrasound system that concentrates on continuously highlighting Canon’s clinical reputation and image quality in radiology. The Canon Aplio... view more

April 09  

MINDRAY DC-70 Cart-Based Ultrasound System Shared Service For Sale

The Mindray DC-70 Color Doppler Ultrasound System which is specialized in shared-service application, especially in advanced 3/4D in OB/GYN. The Mindray DC-70 is also designed to cover a wide range... view more

April 09  

MINDRAY Resona 7 Shared Service For Sale

Mindray Resona 7 Demo unit- Powered by the industry’s first virtual beamforming architecture, ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+), the Resona 7 System creates a perfectly focused image every pixel,... view more

April 09