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Top preferred ultrasonic board repair service-Everest Medical

10 years experienced repair engineers team, repair Alpha 6/7/10, F31/F37/F75, Avius/Preirus, Arietta 60/70, HD11/HD15, CX50/EPIQ, Logiq P5/P6, Logiq E9/Vivid E9, X300/X700, S2000/S3000, Contact, let us help!

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GE Logiq 200 PRO Series Ultrasound Machine For Sale

Item # 254736 Title: GE Medical Systems Logiq 200 PRO Series Ultrasound Machine Manufacturer: GE Medical Systems Model: Logiq 200 PRO Series Description: Ultrasound Machine Quantity: 1 Item... view more

September 28

Asking Price:
$790 USD


GE LOGIQ Book XP Portable Ultrasound System For Sale

Item # 251971, 251972 Title: GE Medical Systems LOGIQ Book XP Portable Ultrasound System Manufacturer: GE Medical Systems Model: LOGIQ Book XP Description: Portable Ultrasound System Quantity:... view more

September 28

Asking Price:
$1,350 USD


GE VScan VScan Wanted

We are looking to buy GE VScan Ultrasounds in bulk. Please email us if you have a number of these... view more

September 28  

GE VScan DUAL Ultrasound System For Sale

GE Healthcare’s innovative pocket-sized ultrasound features the first of its kind dual probe that houses two transducers in one probe. The Vscan with Dual Probe transforms physical exams that help... view more

September 28  

Ultrasound Machines For Sale | GE, Philips, Samsung, Sonosite

Leading provider of New and Professionally Refurbished Ultrasound Machines. Shop Now and Save. Learn more about our selection of Ultrasound Machines for Sale. 1-800-979-6142

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GE Voluson S8 Ultrasound System For Sale

The GE Voluson S8 offers enhanced imaging for obstetrical and gynecological use. Tools such as Speckle Reduction Imaging, CrossXBeamCRI, HD-Flow, and Dual-view improve contrast resolution, boundary... view more

September 28  

GE Voluson E8 Ultrasound System For Sale

The GE Voluson E8 ultrasound system is the newest and best system in healthcare and delivers state of the art imaging and tools for earlier diagnoses. Its transvaginal probe is ideal for complex GYN... view more

September 28  

GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound System For Sale

The Voluson E10’s Radiance System Architecture, together with the world’s first commercially available curved electronic matrix 4D probe, eM6C, delivers ultra-fast volume rates, flexible imaging... view more

September 28  

GE Vivid S5 Ultrasound System For Sale

In keeping with GE’s commitment to delivering quality ultrasound equipment, the GE Vivid S5 is one of the most user-friendly systems on the market, combining both speed and power in its... view more

September 28  

GE Vivid E9 Ultrasound System For Sale

The GE Vivid e9 ultrasound is one of the most high-powered 4D cardiovascular imaging machines currently available. Our refurbished Vivid e9 machines come equipped with the tools needed to streamline... view more

September 28  

GE Vivid e Ultrasound System For Sale

The GE Vivid e™ ultrasound system is portable and lightweight weight (slightly over 10 pounds) but it not limited in its abilities. It can tackle any cardiac, vascular, or abdominal needs while... view more

September 28  

GE Venue 50 Ultrasound System For Sale

Simple. Fast. Precise. Empowering Point of Care. From power up to clean up, the GE Venue 50 portable ultrasound delivers crisp images quickly with the simplicity of a tablet. Ready to go when you... view more

September 28  

GE Venue 40 Ultrasound System For Sale

The GE Venue 40 price and capabilities make it ideal for Ultrasound Guided Injection/Aspiration & Nerve Blocks, Emergency Ultrasound / FAST Exam, Diagnostic MSK, Ob/Gyn, Women’s Health & Breast... view more

September 28  

GE Logiq S8 Ultrasound System For Sale

The GE Logiq S8, a member of GE’s “Signature Series” of compact and mid-range ultrasound machines, is application-rich and versatile. With a range of features including CrossXBeam, Speckle Reduction... view more

September 28