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GE 2011 Innova 2100 Cath Lab For Sale

GE INNOVA 2100-IQ manufactured in July 2011 and installed in Sept 2011. New Performix 160A x-ray tube replaced in June/2014. DL8-25.2.1. ATL 4.3-9_7. Under GE full service. Still installed and... view more

March 31  

PHILIPS 2009 FD 10 Cath Lab For Sale

Allura Xper FD10 manufactured in March 2009. SW 7.2.9. Very lightly used system. Looks like new. Original PX 4800 detector and MRC2000 0508 ROT-GS 1003 x-ray tube. M Cabinet, R Cabinet, Velara... view more

March 31  

GE INNOVA 2100 IQ Cath Lab For Sale

GE INNOVA 2100-IQ manufactured in June 2006, installed in 2007. Performix 160A x-ray tube manufactured in 2010. 20cm FP Detector. . Floor mount system. Flat panel Monitors. DL and RTAC Atlas Core... view more

March 31  

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PHILIPS Allura Xper Fd 10 Cath Lab For Sale

Allura FD10 completely upgraded in 2010 from orignal 2004 systme. Current software R7.2.7. upgrade included AD7 patient table. MRC 200 0508 ROT-GS 1003 tube manufactured in April 2010. PX4800... view more

March 31  

GE Innova 2000 Cath Lab For Sale

GE Innova 2000 manufactured in February 2002. MX150 X-ray tube made in October / 2006. Detector refurbished by GE in April 2014. Just deinstalled and system was under GE service before removal.... view more

March 31  

PHILIPS Allura Xper Fd 10 Cath Lab For Sale

2008 Philips Allura Xper FD10 1 X-ray Tube X-Ray Tube Model: Philips MRC Ceiling 1 Detector Hard Drives included SW Disks and Option Disks Included System Fully Functional OEM Full Service ... view more

March 30  

GE Innova 2100 Cath Lab For Sale

2008 GE Innova 2100 1 X-Ray Tube X-Ray model: 2216450 Original Tube Floor Hard Drives Included Operating Disks and Hard Drives Included System Fully Functional OEM Full Service System on... view more

March 30  

PHILIPS Allura Xper FD 10/10 Cath Lab For Sale

Philips Angiography Model : Allura Xper FD10/10 Year of Manufacture 2006 Software Version 7.2.8(2016.6.19) Tube information at the time of de-installation Front 851,875 Loadunit Side ... view more

March 30  

GE Innova 4100 Cath Lab For Sale

this unit is still installed and working. buyer will be responsible for inspection and removal... view more

March 30  

SIEMENS BCC-3 1781482 Cath Lab For Sale

BCC-3 part #1781482 s/n STR9505157 Bedside Control Console for Siemens HiCor Digital Cath Lab — 30 day warranty — No exchange necessary *** Make Offer... view more

March 30  
Wayne Horsman / Columbia Imaging Inc
phone: +1 (410) 730-4023

SIEMENS AXIOM Aritis ZEE Biplane Cath Lab For Sale

Siemens Artis ZEE Biplane Cardiac Cathlab Manufactured: 2010 Tube 1 Manufactured: 2018 Tube 2 Manufactured: 2018 Options: CDR_ARCHIVE, DIGITAL_ZOOM, FLUORO_LOOP, DR, GET_WORKLIST, HIGHSPEED_ACQ,... view more

March 29  

PHILIPS FD20 Cath Lab For Sale

Philips FD20 Cathlab Manufactured: 2005 Current location : USA (EXU171235) Software version: 7.2.9 Tube Manufactured: Oct 2012 Detector Manufactured:... view more

March 29  

PHILIPS Allura Xper Fd 10c Cath Lab For Sale

Philips FD10 Cathlab Manufactured: 2004 Current location : Australia Tube Type: MRC 200 0508 Tube Manufactured: 2013 Software: Rev... view more

March 29  

GE Innova 3100 Cath Lab For Sale

GE Innova 3100 cardio vascular Cathlab Installed-2004 October X-Ray Tube 2004-not changed. Detector changed-April 2017 EverX Ref number :... view more

March 29  


ARTIS ZEE dMP-R DOM: 2010 Type: Digital Detector: Pixium 4700 Tube: Megalix Cat Plus 125/20/40/80-122GW Tube Replaced: 2015 Generator: Polydoros A100 Software Options: BSR Option 2K Matrix... view more

March 29  
Bill Kalsi / Ticitech S.A
phone: +41 41918409660