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Source-Ray, Inc. - Innovations In Portable X-Ray

SRI is a leading Developer, Manufacturer & Supplier of Innovative Portable Imaging Equipment. We offer Lightweight, Agile, Easy to Maneuver Portable X-Ray Systems ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces. Call us at 631-244-8200 Digital X-ray & Portables In Stock Now Tested & Certified

For 28 years RSTI has provided the best X-ray training. offers Tested & staged pre-owned X-ray equipment so you can be sure our equipment is the finest the market has to offer. Call today 800-299-7784

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GE AMX 4+ Portable X-Ray For Sale

2006 GE AMX IV Plus portable X-RAY, good batteries, freshly painted. Available... view more

April 02  

Save Up To 70% on Refurbished X-Rays and Grow Your Business!

Amber Diagnostics has Provided Quality Refurbished C-Arms for Over 25 Years. Our range includes Portable X-Rays, Rad Rooms, R/F Rooms, and Urology Suites. We offer Financing and Warranties. For a FREE Quote, call us at (407)438-7847 or click the ad title!

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SHIMADZU MobileArt Plus Portable X-Ray For Sale

2003 Shimadzu Mobile Art Plus Lumina Portable, good batteries. Available... view more

April 02  

GE Optima XR200 Portable X-Ray For Sale

2012 GE Optima XR-200 Digital Portable X-Ray Digital Ready Detector not included Location: TX Available... view more

April 02  

The Most Affordable Battery Powered Digital X-Ray Machine Package.

Amazing!That's what our customers tell us when they first use our Batt-A-Ray Portable X-Ray Machine with our Flat Panel DR Imaging System. All battery powered X-Ray and Imaging System can go anywhere without connecting to a power source. 417-647-1386


SEDECAL RAD PRO Portable X-Ray For Sale

2009 Sedecal RadPro Portable-MXR100635 2009 Cannon CXDI-50G Model A7902-02 AVAILABLE: NOW LOCATED: TEXAS... view more

April 01  

GE OPTIMA 220 PORTABLE Portable X-Ray For Sale

2004 philips bv pulsera 12”-mxr100730 12” ii fully operational located in vt available march... view more

April 01  

GE PROTEUS Portable X-Ray For Sale

2014 ge proteus xray –mxr-100561 wall bucky ceiling mounted 4 way floating table avail now located NJ WH... view more

April 01  

SIEMENS MULTIX TOP Portable X-Ray For Sale

2008 siemens multix top with dr-nisr9421 over head tube crane 3345209 polydoros it/its 80 kw 3 phase generator s/n 121386 infimed i4 -2012 3 batteries-2012 carestream dxr-1-2012 freedom dr ... view more

April 01  

Metropolis International - Quality Pre-Owned Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Metropolis International - Premier provider of quality pre-owned diagnostic imaging equipment. Over 15 years experience. Free equipment valuation & consulting service. Call 718-371-6026.

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SIEMENS MULTIX TOP Portable X-Ray For Sale

2003 SIEMENS MULTIX TOP-NISR6137 A pleasant atmosphere, comfort, and short examination times are becoming increasingly important in radiology departments. This is where our MULTIX systems really... view more

April 01  

GE Definium AMX-700 Portable X-Ray For Sale

2010 GE DEFINIUM 700 PORTABLE DR NISR10454 GE Definium AMX 700 Features The GE Definium AMX 700 is a self-contained battery driven, digital mobile radiographic system that operators from a... view more

April 01  

FUJI FDR Portables Portable X-Ray For Sale

nisr10015-2013 fuji fdr go 2017 tube available now located in nj... view more

April 01  

AMX 4+ WITH FUJI DR Portable X-Ray For Sale

NISAD9975-2010 AMX 4+ w/ FUJI DR Plates Dimensions • Height: 70 inches (1778 mm) for Models 2169360−6, 2236420−6, and 2275938−6, −12, −13, −14, −15; all others 76 inches (1930 mm). • Width:... view more

April 01  

CANON RadPRO 40kW Portable X-Ray For Sale

By Virtual Imaging a Canon Company Condition: Excellent to mint (minor paint chips on user handle) System Manufactured: January 2013 40KW generator with extendable 110V charger connection ... view more

April 01  

GE AMX 4 Portable X-Ray For Sale

1996 AMX 4-NISAD9057 Model-2115090-13 AVAILABLE NOW LOCATED NJ WH ... view more

April 01