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CPI Indico 100 80 kW X-Ray Generator For Sale

Indico 100 Xray generator for sale. It was used with a Carestream DR9500 rad room. In good working condition. For more informations, feel free to contact us.... view more

October 30  

GE OEC UroView T13 X-Ray Generator For Sale

Up for your consideration we have a: GE OEC UroView T13 X-RAY CONTROL!T13 Is where the item is stored in our warehouse. Means nothing besides that. Thanks for looking. Have a blessed day:) ... view more

October 30

Asking Price:
$1,700 USD


ADIANA (RF) FA00701 Radiofrequency X-Ray Generator For Sale

Item # 165035 Title:Adiana Radiofrequency Generator FA00701 Manufacturer:Adiana Description:Radiofrequency Generator FA00701 Quantity: 1 Item Location: MD Warehouse Over All Condition Good... view more

October 29

Asking Price:
$350 USD


SEDECAL SHF-635 X-Ray Generator For Sale

For Sale Sedecal SHF-635 for sale Good working unit. Pulled of Urology Room. Includes: Cables, Console and generator COMPLETE> Two Systems... view more

October 29  

UNIVERSAL XMA 325 X-Ray Generator For Sale

XMA 325 Single Phase Generator Includes: High Voltage Tank Cables and Tube... view more

October 29

Asking Price:
$1,000 USD


TOSHIBA MINI X RAY HF 70 D X-Ray Generator For Sale

for sale this mini x ray for dental or general use , in perfect working condition we can ship worldwide , please contact us for further information if you need it have a nice day... view more

October 29  

UNIVERSAL MP 500 X-Ray Generator For Sale

1995 Universal MP 500 HF generator package with tube, collimator and HT cables Need to replace your old single phase generator and go to high frequency this is the ticket Make a reasonable offer ... view more

October 29  
Paul McCabe / Imaging Services, Inc.
phone: +1 (215) 796-7288

KODAK PDU Only X-Ray Generator For Sale

Input 380V/400v/480v Output 220v/230v/240v/480V APC 1500 UPS Battery Backup 1)220V-240V In 8)220V-240V Out 50/60Hz December... view more

October 29

Asking Price:
$1,000 USD

Charles Patti / NCD Medical Company
phone: +1 (440) 953-4488

CPI INDICO 100 RAD X-Ray Generator For Sale

Year: 2006 CPI Digital Radiographic Generator. Model INDICO 100 RAD 80KW. Model VZW 2930RD3-39. Power is 3Phase 480 Volts. Available now in our warehouse. PRICE: Please call for... view more

October 28  

SIEMENS POLYDOROS SX65 X-Ray Generator For Sale

SIEMENS Generator model POLYDOROS SX65 from year 2004. For spare parts ONLY. In stock. Please call for part... view more

October 28  

GE Silhouette VR X-Ray Generator For Sale

For Sale GE Jedi 50R 1T Model # 2212259-2 480V Ready to Ship Ex Warehouse Best Offer ... view more

October 26  

FUJI Carbon XL X-Ray Generator For Sale

Fuji created the FCR Carbon digital x-ray series based on feedback from thousands of users. What did they say? Reduce the system’s footprint. Make image previews quicker. Create a means to support... view more

October 26

Asking Price:
$7,500 USD

October 26

Asking Price:
$1,300 USD


CURON MEDICAL Stretta S400 Radiofrequency X-Ray Generator For Sale

Item # 222947 Title: Curon Medical Stretta S400 Radiofrequency Generator Manufacturer: Curon Medical Model: Stretta S400 Description: Radiofrequency Generator Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC... view more

October 25

Asking Price:
$600 USD