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Top Quality Radiology Systems In Stock from Nationwide Imaging 732-262-3115

Through our global equipment network, Nationwide provides an extensive variety of radiology systems from all manufacturers. Contact us today for more information regarding purchasing your next rad/RF/DR/CR from Nationwide.

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First Call Parts announces their certification to ISO 9001:2015

This should provide customers with confidence that we provide repaired, refurbished, & tested imaging parts that will meet needs & expectations. Certification symbolizes commitment to continual improvement & customer satisfaction. Call 800-782-0003!

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SHIMADZU 503-29946 Rad Room

Bid Now: $10USD

5 days, 20 hours +

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PHILIPS Bucky Diagnost Rad Room


7 days, 22 hours +

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SIEMENS Multix Rad Room

Bid Now: $1,000USD

4 days, 18 hours +

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ARCOMA Arco Ceil Rad Room For Sale

Arcoma Arco Ceil Rad Room Year of manufacture: 2004 Arcoma Arco Ceil Ceiling Tube Suspension Arco Table Non Tilting Motorized Bucky table Arco Wall Bucky with Canon Lanmix CXDI-40G Canon... view more

August 05  

1st Source Imaging - Digital Imaging Solutions

1st Source is a leading provider and integrator of digital imaging solutions. Our Vision M portable X-ray delivers world-class performance in a compact, maneuverable design about the size of a water cooler. Call us at 800-349-5980.


FUJIFILM FDR Acselerate Rad Room For Sale

Fujifilm FDR AcSelerate YOM 2010 2 Wireless FDR D-Evo detectors included Light-weight Ceiling Suspension System DR-XD 200 (5-axis motorized tube support) Tilting Upright Stand with detector ... view more

August 05  

PHILIPS Digital Bucky Diagnost with wireless detector Rad Room For Sale

Philips Digital Bucky Diagnost Rad Room System includes: OTC 2012 Wireless detector Elevating 4-way Float Table 3 Phase 480 Volt System Optimus 80 Generator 2015 X-ray Tube Collimator Wall... view more

August 05  

VISARIS Vision X Straight Arm Digital Radiography Rad Room For Sale

Brand New Vision X Straight Arm DR $79000 including shipping and install The Vision X is a straight arm digital radiography (DR) solution that meets a wide range of general and specialized... view more

August 05  

GE Proteus XR/a System Rad Room For Sale

GE PROTEUS XR/a GENERAL RADIOGRAPHY SUITE $85K including shipping, install within the United States, and 1 Year warranty The Proteus XR/a is a full-featured fixed radiography system designed to... view more

August 05  

America's #1 Choice for Cost-Effective Imaging Equipment & Skilled Repairs

Our RescueRAD support team is on-call 24/7 including weekends & holidays to support all your imaging solution needs. Our field engineering team is available for same-day repairs/replacements & our agents can ensure your systems run smoothly. 888-880-2122


SIEMENS Multix N - Tosrad Rad Room For Sale

NOW AVAILABLE: Well deinstalled bucky room from Siemens. YOM: 1997. YOM X-ray tube 2012 Including: - Vertix TOP wall bucky - Multix TOP table bucky - Polydoros LX 30/50 generator - Manuals ... view more

August 05

Asking Price:
€8,750 EUR


SIEMENS AXIOM Sireskop SD Rad Room For Sale

Art. No.: 20670 excellent cosmetic and technical condition Model: Siemens - AXIOM Sireskop SD Tube: OPTITOP 150/40/80HC – 100 (YOM: 2012) Equipment of the device as shown in the photos ... view more

August 05

Asking Price:
€20,000 EUR


SIEMENS Multix Top Rad Room For Sale

Art. No.: 20668 excellent cosmetic and technical condition Model: Siemens - Multix Top ACSS N Tube: Optilix 150/30/50 HC-100 3ph / YOM: 2009 Generator: Polydoros IT Vertix TOP ... view more

August 05

Asking Price:
€14,000 EUR


SIEMENS Multix Top Rad Room For Sale

Art. No.: 20667 excellent cosmetic and technical condition Model: Siemens - Multix Top ACSS Tube: Opti TOP 150/40/80 HC-100 / YOM: 2004 Generator: Polydoros IT 65 Vertix PRO ... view more

August 05

Asking Price:
€12,000 EUR

Digital X-Ray Experts Right Here-- Radiographic DR & CR & PACS

Need to add, upgrade, or service a digital X-Ray room? We can help with new & refurbished equipment. 28 years designing, installing, upgrading & servicing X-Ray equipment. Call 800-722-3646 today. Or email us at INFO@INTEGRITYMED.COM

DOTmed Certified

GE Silhouette Rad Room For Sale

GE Silhouette HF Rad Room Year: 1996 BXT-200W X-Ray Tube Generator HFQ-8000P 20HF Wall Stand Bucky Model... view more

August 05

Asking Price:
$6,000 USD


GE Proteus XR/a System Rad Room For Sale

GE Proteus OTC Rad room Elevating float table OTC Tube Collimator Cheststand with bar Complete room ready to... view more

August 05  

DEL MEDICAL Del 65kw Rad Room For Sale

Del 65kw Rad room Chest stand Elevating 6 way table FMT Floor Mounted Tube stand Tube Collimator 50ft cables Complete... view more

August 05