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BP capture continues to be one of the most inconsistently performed tests

in the clinical environment. Something as simple as the patient's feet not resting flat on the floor can effect the measurement by 5 to 15 points. Click to see what else can effect BP capture.




MIDMARK 272-001-232 Exam Stool For Sale

This Midmark 272-001-232 Exam Stool is new and in the original manufacturers packaging.... view more

May 25

Asking Price:
$120 USD


MIDMARK 272-001-232 Pneumatic Stool For Sale

Midmark Phneumatic (air) Exam Room Stool. NEW in box. TWO models available; both upholstered in Stone (beige/taupe): 1 qt. - 272-001-232 (standard; NO backrest)...............$100 1 qt. -... view more

May 17

Asking Price:
$100 USD

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