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This is a machine generated automatic translation and is provided as a reference only. DOTmed does not warrant its accuracy, and DOTmed is not responsible for any translation errors. If you have any question regarding the term or meaning of the translated text, please view the English version. The English version controls in event of any conflict.

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MEDLINE LOT of 149 models and 59931 total units Large lot of disposables and consumables available

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This item will not be sold if the Reserve price is not met.
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May 28 - 2:00pm EDT
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Location: FL, USA
Model:LOT of 149 models and 59931 total units
We have 149 items/models with 59,931 units up for auction.

I'm attaching an inventory list of the entire lot with a description of manufacturer, brand, expired items, expiration dates (if applicable), sizes/measurements, quantity in units, reference #'s, etc...

Items and units in this lot are in excellent condition. Nothing is used and/or refurbished. These items are brand new in their original manufacturer boxes or each individual item/unit is sealed. Nothing has been tampered with or modified of any kind. Some boxes have been re-sealed with packing tape due to counting each unit for accuracy.

The following Manufacturers/brands will be available, but not limited to (please refer to complete inventory list);

US Endoscopy, Welch Allyn, Medline, Steris, Olympus, Con Med, Sun Med, Medline, Cooper Surgical, Covidien, Care Fusion, BD, Salem Sump, Cardinal Health, West Med, Teleflex LMA, Curaid, Salter Labs, 3M, King Systems, Rusch, Halyard, Portex, Cook Medical, Tru Link, Respironics INC, DeRoyal, MGC Diagnostic, Precept, MED Nap, Philips, Stryker, Hudson RCI, Henry Schein, Meridian, Cidezyme Xtra, Zimmer, Vis-U-All, RUHOF, Bard, ResMed, MVAP, NATUS, EMBLA, Drager, PDC, EZ EM, Air Lite, Siemens, Zoll, United Ortho, Wilson Ophthalmic, Wescone, Barron, ICU Medical, Critikon, Bionix, Hollister, Braun, MPC, Moore, Bowman, Soft Check, Getinge Clean

Various items/models up for auction will be, but not limited to (please refer to complete inventory list);
Endoscope Delivery Devices, Vaginal Specula - LED, Maintenance covers, Biopsy Valves, Electrosurgical Handpiece Sheaths, Tubing, Introducers, Dressings, bandages, Electrodes, Syringes, Needles, Sponges, CPAP Masks, Face Masks, Luer Lok Tip, Slip Tip, Reflux Valves, Mesh Stretchable Pants, Cannula, Tracheostomy Care Trays, X Ray Drapes, Anesthesia Masks, Bedpans, Incubators, Mask Straps, Padding, wedges, Carbon Dioxide Detectors, Electrode blades, Catheters, Gastrostomy Sets, Vinyl Sensors, Water Chambers, Compressors, Nebulizers, Infusion Bags, Cotton Balls, Towlettes, Chemical/Thermal Paper, Carbide Burs, Wood Applicators, instrument pads, Aquapaks, Surgical Milks, detergents, cleaners, vinegar, Lubricants, Contact lens holders, abdominal Pads and rolls, Para Paks, zimmer wires, anoscope specula, Trach adapters, Skin Staple Removers, Bone Marrow Trays, Nosebleed trays, Belts, Sanitizing seal pouches, Transducer covers, Chest and Abdomen connectors, filters, BP cuffs, wristbands, enemas, honey wound gel, Urinary Drainage pouches, various pouches/bags, splints, tapes, printing paper, patient plates, donor punches, chemo clave, suture, boots, injectors, irrigation tips, metal gloves dispenser, humidifiers, Formalin.

For expiration, the majority of the items are in date; however, there are a few items that have recently expired. Please refer to inventory list for month and year of any expired products.

Items will be in their original pallets, which is a total of 10. Each pallet is re-usable and collapses. The dimensions are: 48"(L) x 40"(W) x 45" (H). If you would like us to not pack the items in pallets, let us know before picking up the items and we'll have individual boxes ready for shipping.

Please contact us with any questions,

Thanks for bidding,

Exp. DateManuf. ItemSize / MeasureQuantity Unit(s)Total Units REF #
02/01/2021US EndoscopyAdvanCE Capsule Endoscope Delivery Device 180 cm23/bx6711144
12/2021Welch Allyn KleenSpec 590XS 590 Series Disposable Vaginal Specula LEDXS224/bx48901071
N/AMedline Disposal Vaginal Specula S1100/bx100DYND70420S
N/ASterisEaglepac self seal sterility maintenance cover 8 x 12 51000/bx5000NE131
N/ASterisEaglepac self seal sterility maintenance cover12 x 208500/bx4000NE133
12/21, 09/19(3), 0719, 8/019 (2)Olympus Single Use Biopsy Valve N/A620/bx120MAJ1555
09/19, 1/22ConmedElectrosurgical Handpiece Sheath 625/bx - Missing one149779619BX
04/07/20SunmedBougie Endotracheal Tube Introducer15fr x 70cm310/bx309021270
4/20 / 7/20 MedlineMaxorb Alginate Wound Dressing 4 x 8255/bx1258327056186
8/19/2019 - 8/20 7/19MedlineMaxorb Alginate Wound Dressing1 x 12215/bx1058327056226
12/2019, 6/20 Cooper Surgical Leep Ball Electrode5mm diam x 12cm 95/bx45B0512
2/20 - 6/20Medline Irrigation Tray 60ml piston syringe 60ml1820/bx360DYND20300
N/ACovidienCurty Gauze Sponge 2 x 265200/pk130002252
N/AMedline Non Woven Drain Sponges 4 x 412125/bx2,550nonQ56000
N/ACare Fusion Vital Signs Adult Face Mask - Adj. Air Cusionsize #54242 each426850
8/22BD30ml syringe luer- lok tip30ml1156/bx616302832
8/22BD10ml Syringe Slip Tip10ml2200/bx400303134
6/23 4/23 BD10ml Syringe Luer-Lok tip 10ml4200/bx821302995
N/ACovidien Salem SumpDual Lumen Stomach Tube anti reflux valve16FR x 48"12750/box 1278888266130
N/ACovidien Salem SumpDual Lumen Stomach Tube anti reflux valve18FR x 48" 27750/bx2778888266148
N/ACardinal Health Mesh Stretchable Pants XL900100/bx900N/A
N/ACardinal Health Mesh Stretchable Pants L82100/bx82N/A
N/AWest MedComfort Soft Adult Cannula7 FT85050/bx850556
N/AMedline Tracheostomy Clean Care TrayN/A10720/bx107DYND40582
8/20Teleflex LMAIntubation Airway with Mucosal Atomization and Oxygen delivery with Side ML Syringe N/A210/bx20MAD780
1/19 - 1/21Cardinal Health Converter Universal C-Arm / Mobile X Ray Drape 74" x 41" 320/bx602949519
N/AMedline Anesthesia MaskAdult Large802/bx - 30per bx / 50 80DYNDAAMASK36
N/ACuraid Band Aid Plastic Adhesive Bandage N/A16100/bx1600N/A
N/AMedline Fracture Bedpan GOLDN/A16824/bx168 DYNC8521
N/ACovidien Curity Stretch Bandage 4 x 75"1196/bx1,0562236
N/ASterisVerify Incubator Dry Block single temp 57 celsiusN/A21/bx2S3082
N/ASalter LabsI-Guard Aerosol mask adult elastic strap fixation Adult23650/bx2368107050
N/AMedlinedisposable Positioning foam wedge 7.5" x 7.5" D x17"L 168/bx16NON081244
N/A3MSynthetic Cast Padding6" x 4/yrd780/bx620CMW06
N/ACardinal Health Spec Cast Padding 4" x 4 yrd1336/bx46823626640
N/AKing SystemsFace Mask Head StrapN/A610/bx608151
N/ARuschTeleflex Color Coded Guedel Airway N/A650/bx300122680
N/ACare Fusion Vital Signs adult face mask w/ adjustable air cusion size #5320/bx606850
4/20 , 11/19, 7/20 , 4/21 West MedCo2 Carbon Dioxide Detector N/A710/bx72562134
11/21, 7/22ConmedUltra clean accessory electrode coated blade6"1650/bx800139110EXT
4/19. 2/19, 3/19HalyardOn-Q Pain relief system Quick block Over the needle catheter Nedle 20G x 6" Catheter 16g x 5"65/bx30QB15016SGC
8/21BDRegional block needle 22g x 1.5"810/bx / 5bx/cs80408348
1/22PortexPolar Pre Form Tracheal Tube30mm3010/bx30100136070
12/18, 3/19Cook Medical FLOW-20 PERCUTANEOUS ENDOSCOPIC GASTROSTOMY SET - PULL, 20 FR20FR1313 Each 13G56403
5/19/2019, 2/19Cook Medical PEG-24-PUSH-SSK-S24FR2121 each21G31548
1/19, 11/18Cook Medical PEG 24-PULL SSK-S T24FR44 each4G56402
N/ATru Link Vinyl Sensor single patient use - Space LABadult7424/bx7415066300
N/ARespironics INC
Philips RI water chamber N/A4441063785
N/ASalter LabsCompressor AIRE elite with nebulizer N/A22 each283508900
N/AsunmedINFU-SURG pressure infusion bag 500ml105/bx24005H950194210
N/ADE Royal cotton ballsmed350/bx15030127
N/AMGC DiagnosticPrevent Flow sensor N/A224/bx48758100004
N/APreceptProcedure Masks Ear loop Level 1 YELLOW250/bx10015110
N/AMed NAPBenzalkonium chloride Antiseptic TowlettesN/A10100/bx10003303
N/APhilips Chemical/Thermal PaperN/A3012/cs30989803137011
2/22Stryker1.6mm cross cut fissure carbide Bur1.6mm55 each5277010216
N/AMedline Applicator disposal wood 1x12412/bx/cs476515003038100
7/21, 2022 Deroyalinstrument pad 10x167030/bx7025001
6/22, 10/21, 8/21Hudson RCIAquapak sterile water for inhalation 040 adapter300ml7420/bx74340
N/AHenry Schein Surgical Milk Inhibitor and lubricant .5 ga2020 ea81025539
N/AAssorted variousSoft lens flat Pack Contact lens holderN/A450/bg200CT5500A
N/ACovidien Curity Abdonimal Pad & Roll 16x121144/bx14430066
8/18Meridian Para Pak Enteric Plus - CNS16ml1020/bx200900812
5/19Cidezyme xtraDetergent - Multi Enzymatic1g32/bx6ASP-22591
2027Zimmer Kirschner Wire Style 70.062" x 9"125/bx60471860379
2027Zimmer Kirschner Wire Style 7.035 x 9 145/bx70471860379
2027Zimmer Kirschner Wire Style 7.045 x 9135/bx65471860379
1/22Ethicon 6 Ligaclip 20 small clips23.8cm366/bx0mcs20
N/Awelch allyn single use anoscope speculum N/A1225/bx30053110
N/ACare Fusion Air life trach TEE Adapter w/22mm OD arms N/A650/bx3001500
20223MPrecise Disp. skin staple remover2310/bx30SR1
2/23, 10/22BDSyringe Slip tip slipped precisionglide 1ml 26g x 5/8"20100/bx2,000309597
BD50 Loc Syringe - Luer Lock Kit 5ml4250/bx42305558
12/18 expCare Fusion Bone Marrow Jamshidi Crown Biopsy and Aspiration Tray11g x 4"44 ech4BCAM4511
N/Amedline Nosebleed Trays2412/cs24DYND07800
N/AMedCareDisp. Beltmed99 each9600080
2/18/2019 expVis-U-AllLow temp self seal pouch 4x125100/bx / 8cartons500876412
10/20CIVCOTransducer cover N/A35100/bgs3,500610249
12/18/2019 expVis-U-AllLow Temp Tubing 4" x 100"41/roll/per carton /10 crts per cs40872041
2/19/2019 expVis-U-AllLow Temp Tubing 6" x 10041/roll/per carton /10 crts per cs40872061
09/19Vis-U-AllLow Temp Tubing 9" x 10041rl/crt/6crt/cs24872091
1/19 - expVis-U-AllLow Temp Tubing 14" x 10041rl/crt/6crt/cs24872141
2017 expt. Vis-U-AllLow temp self seal pouch 4 x 222100p/cartn 10/cs20875422
9/18Vis-U-AllLow temp self seal pouch 6 x 104100p/cartn 8/cs40876610
7/18Vis-U-AllLow temp self seal pouch 8 x 122100p/cartn 8/cs20876812
12/22RUHOFEndozime instru sponge 3mm x 240cm 8100/cs800345TSPG3
7/21BardBard Catheter Tiemann model urological catheter coude tip20FR10612/cs10610120
2021BardBard Bardex all silocone Foley Catheter 14FR14412/cs1441065814
N/ARedMedMirage Soft Gel Nasal Mask L33361602
7/21CovidienMallinckrodt Laser Oral tracheal tube dual cuffed4.5mm55 ea586397
6/22Covidien Shiley Laser Oral tracheal tube dual cuffed4.5mm1515 ea1586397
5/19MVAPMVAP Electrode - Silver/chloride, gel3/4" x 1 3/4" foam Connector3750/bg37FT005 / 239025
N/ANATUS / EMBLA Inductive Interface cable chest DIN connectorN/A22 22 ea224140096
N/ANATUS / EMBLA Inductive Interface cable abdomen DIN connectorN/A11 ea14140095
N/ARespironics INC
RP Reusable pollen filter N/A1919 eac191122446
N/ARespironics INC
RP Disposable ultra fine filter N/A2929 ea291122518
N/ACardinal Health Converter tiburon Slip Sheet77" x 108"88 each829341
N/ACardinal Health Converter tiburon Slip Sheet77 x 10833 ea329436
N/ADrager N B P Cuff31cm1010/bx10MP0093201
N/APDCThrifty Superband solid Beige Glow Orange N/A8500/bx4,000450P29PDM
2022CovidienCurity Elastic Bandage with attached clip 6 x 4.5 yrds40812/bg / 72bx4083930
N/AEZEMSuper excel Enema system Super XL4724/bx47901203
6/21, 6/20, Medline Thera Honey Wound Gel1.5 oz Tube1313 each13MNK0015
N/ACare Fusion / Airlite Corrugated Flexible Polyethylene & Tubing 6' 6661450
2022Medline Bard latex free sensor entry - close system urinary drainage bag 2000ml2820/bx2815354
N/ASiemens Urology drain bagN/A111CF507505
7/22, 8/22, 4/22, 12/21, 1/21CovidienMagellan Hypodermic Needle 20g x 1"13050/bx 6,5008881850010
6/22, 3/22Portex Smith MedEpidural needle Tuohy Calibrated w/ wings20g x 3.5"1410/bx140491120
5/20Stat Padz - ZollMulti Function - Adult electrode N/A111 Pair 1189004004
N/ASalter LabsEye Guard Mask Adult elastic strap fixationadult3636 each368107
N/AUnited OrthoFinger Thumb SplintsMED2020 each2043005
n/a3MMedi Pore H Soft cloth surgical tape 1" x 10 yrds3232/cs322861
n/aWilson Ophthomic Printer Paper Humphrey 700 Series n/a77 each724433
2/20, 10/193MElectrosurgical patient plate N/A107107 ea1071149
n/aPDCexpiration date label -yellow2 1/4" x 1"1420/lables per roll1MV04SY0431
n/aPDCEpidural Catheter label - green 3 1/4" x 1"2420/lables per roll2MV04FC7241
n/aWescone Heine ear specula 2.5mm3750/pcs3723121
9/22BarronMarking Donor Punch 8.5mm 1010/ea1021-8385
6/22ICU Medical Chemo clave bag spike w/ additive port 1.5ml5353/ea53CH13
10/21, 12/21deroyal suture bootn/a250/bx10030701
N/ACritikonGE Medical Adapter Blood pressure cuff n/a1515/ea15330048
n/aOlympus single use Injector 24g x 4mm155/bx15NM400L0421
n/aBionixOtoclear irrigation tip2040/bx207200
5/21Duo Derm Hydro active dressing4x4120/bx0187611
9/22Hollister New image Urostomy Pouch n/a310/bx3018922
10/22Hollister New image Urostomy Pouch n/a410/bx4018153
9/22Hollister New image Urostomy Pouch n/a410/bx4018923
11/22Hollister New image Urostomy Pouch n/a510/bx5018152
11/22Hollister New image Urostomy Pouch n/a510/bx5018154
10/22Hollister New image Urostomy Pouch n/a410/bx4018193
10/22Hollister New Image drainage pouch 2 3/4" 110/bx1018194
n/aMedline Specimen Transport Bags by Star Poly Bag15 x 183500/bx1500Srzar1518P
10/21Braun Touhy epidural needle 18gx 6"111111/each111332160
11/21Covidien Kangaroo Milk straw with enfit connection 2" 111462000E
n/anatusnuerology - gold eeg cup electrode 10mm 1.5m 212/bag219413900
n/anatusnuerology - gold eeg cup electrode 10mm 1m cable 1812/bg1819414400
n/aMPCLuer Lok cap set n/a7171 each71MPC125
10/20medline four monks 5% distilled vinegar 1gl84 ea8N/A
N/aMoore Medilcal Sponge - Bend sponge n/a2010/bg20185536
N/aBowmanmetal Dispenser N/a444U234801
6/22medline Sterile water for inulation -prefilled humidifier 350ml 2820/bx28HCS00350
n/amedline BP Cuff Large Adult HP connector adult 285/bg28MDS9724TP
n/asoft check Soft Check - BP Cuff Large Adult 55/bg53242
n/asoft check Soft Check - BP Cuff Reg Adult 55/ea52635
n/aMedline BP Cuff Large Adult HP connector Lg adult 282828MDS9724HP
9/22Covidien Argyle Thoracic Catheter 28fr x 20"999888570549
5/22Covidien Argyle Thoracic Catheter 32FR111111888570556
10/18 exp. GETINGE clean Shine Stainless Steel cleaner Pints15151561301606201
2/21medline 10% Neutral Buffered FormalinN/A6432/bg6466648

Bidder Bid Date Quantity Bid Amount
This item will not be sold if the Reserve price is not met.


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